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    Is there any reason that we here could possibly give a s**t what the little funny lookin' guy with the bad haircut does to his own wealth? Maybe, and maybe only if he is headed down the Argentina road, although Argentina is a lesson that need not be repeated anywhere we care about.
  3. Tango3

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    Its a real life "devaluation of acurrency" happening a few days ago, take notes....
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    YouTube- The Amero - North American Currency

    It might be about 10 to 1, but it is all dependent upon the banking cartels and their own agenda. There really is no math behind it since the entire monetary system is completely fake to begin with.
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    I just have to ask because it's been stated so many times, ''Get out of Debt''..

    Just what happens to debt, and the people owing money, that cannot be paid off, for what ever reason.

    Any examples ?
  6. UGRev

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    If you went broke and people owed you money, what would you do?
    .... exactly.
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    There is already legislation to initiate "work camps" for the unemployed and those who are indebted. basically it amounts to slave labor and complete ownership over your time. Additionally, if you have any property with a mortgage, you will have a tough time trying to pay it off if you don't have the income to support your lifestyle. Being homeless and jobless while indebted certainly isn't a good place to be, especially when so many employers are requiring credit checks for pre-employment.
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    "Maxed out" our monthly mortgage payments afew years ago property taxes are the only thing worries me in a collapse...( I know G.Gordon Liddy says:""buy gold!").
    (something toldme it was s a good thing to do at the time and the missus agreed), been mortgage free since spring. woohoo...
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    Yup. And add that tax up with the change of the dollar, and it will be quite expensive. Not impossible, though. The really bad thing is, water and food will skyrocket as well, and so will electricity. If you can live off grid, provide your own food, and keep your garden secret, you may just be fine! For a while anyway.
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