Nailless Pole Frame Connectors?

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by chelloveck, Jul 8, 2016.

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    Had a book about 30 years ago on timber joints in Japan. They listed a whole series of wood joints that required no nails and most would flex and survive a earth quake. Don't know what happened to it but it is an art form in many places. My grand dad always remarked on log cabins, those with skills had square corners and those who didn't overlapped the logs and let them stick out. Neighbor tore down an old house, first one built in area, and the log part had sheet rock on the inside and siding on the outside and was so well built that no one knew it wasn't framed. All done with an axe and an adze most likely.

    The one you show is unique in that it connects 3 logs or poles, not two. Interesting, thank you.
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    As a quick fix, rope is easy and convenient...for more permanent structures; hardware, fixings, and/joinery techniques might be preferred. Heavy gauge galvanised wire and hoop strapping are also options to consider.
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    Points out the difference between art, craftsmanship and the expedience of metal joiners.
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    Tarring the rope, if non synthetic rope is being used, might eke a little more life out of a rope secured structure ;)
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