nais(national animal identification system).

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    Bwaaaaauuugghh :mad:!!??I was in the local fleetfarm to pick up some automotive fuses, stoped by the magazinerack to browse, grabbed the
    Feb07 "countryside" which had an article onthe "NAIS" system to "rfid tag "(Number) and register each farm animal the article goes on to say "events" would have to be reported a "Loss"/sale etc...This is a new one on me, after picking up the magazine off the ground ( and paying for it) my paranoid mind was overspeeding all theway home..

    "Sir a flyover yesterday and showed 6 hens instead of 12: where did the 6 go?"and why haven't you reported it?You wouldn't be involved in black market anti-national food distribution would you???, that would cost you your poultry license...

    following up onthe usda site: I found like an alex jones story,: it iscurrently voluntary..and does not apply to animals that live their whole lives in one place.

    but i never heard of this...eek3:mad:[rnt][stayback]

    OHHHH, its to protect us and reduce hardship,,,,ohhhhhh......

    <!--strtcv-->But what is NAIS?<!--stptcv-->

    General — walterj 3:13 pm<small> </small>
    The National Animal ID program was originally designed to give the big beef producers help in getting export markets which required disease controls. The idea is that every single livestock animal in the United States will be identified and tagged. All livestock animal movements will be tracked, logged and reported to the government. The benefit is to the big factory farms who probably do need this type of regulation. They get to do single ID’s for large groups of animals. Small farmers, pet owners and homesteaders will have to tag and track every single animal.
    There are no exceptions - even small farms that sell direct to local consumers will be required to pay the fees and file all the paper work on all their animals. Even horse, llama and other pet owners will be required to participate in NAIS. Homesteaders who raise their own meat and grandma with her one egg hen will also have to register their homes as ‘farm premises’ and obtain a Premise ID, tag all their animals and submit all the paperwork and fees. Absurd? Yes - There are no exceptions under the current NAIS plan. The USDA has slipped this plan in the back door without any legislation. This is going to be very expensive and guess who is going to pay for it in higher food prices… Y

    These guys have more of an nwo take ( I believe these guys , "voluntary like a drivers license")
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    I get 'Countryside' in the mail, it is like "Mother Earth News' used to be, a long time ago. The RFID for animals has been in the works for a while, The cost per animal is (I think) about $50 or so, X # animal units, hence 6 chickens = $300....... If I ride my hay burners off my land I MUST report it with in 24 hrs, if I rember correctly. Even down to the mail box. gee all 2 miles. Take me longer to ride to the phone than the mail box.
    I try to get people to respond to this and they just shrug it off.
    It is to protect the "national herd", gee my rabbits, chickens and one beef a year have really been a source of e-coli and mad rabbit diesese JUst another way of putting us under .gov's thumb. The [sheep] and the grrrr Gotta edit this a little later just a bit uh,,,, angry,,,,NOONE seems to care
    snowbyrd[tng2] (just for you Tango2) harrr harr
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    Big Business only has to buy *one* tag per <so many="">(so many) animals whereas you or I have to buy tags for EACH and every one! That's security for ya.

    By the way, this was (not sure if it still is) piggy-backed onto the National people ID bill. Nice, huh.</so>
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    Sounds like a pretty successful little profit protection scheme by big corp to me. Make it expensive for us to raise our own food so we have to buy from them.

    Tango, your paranoid mind isn't speeding.... it just seems that way because everyone elses mind is going so slow.
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    Man the more I read on this the more pissed I get! Wikipedia has a pretty good overview of it.

    The only thing saving my sanity at all on this is ..."This does not apply, however, in those few cases where animals never leave their owner's property" So our cows (my Aunts to be precise) and chickens could stay legally "unchipped" because they never leave the property, and none of the meat is sold. Not that this makes it ok or anything.

    A few lines from wikipedia:

    "A Kansas State University study found that small, independent livestock farmers will pay upwards of $30 per head to register their animals, but big industrial operations will only pay about $4 per head"

    "Once these three parts of NAIS are fully implemented, the ultimate goal of the program, traceback within 48 hours of a diseased animal's movements, will be possible. This traceback would enable animal health officials to identify all the animals and locations that have had direct contact with the animal and take appropriate measures to prevent the further spread of disease.The most common method of preventing the further spread of disease is a process known as depopulation, wherein government officials come on to registered premises without a warrant and exterminate animals as they see fit, commonly with guns, and eventually incinerate them."


    I want all you folks here that slam the democrats for everything but let the republicans slide to take note of this. At no time in my life has the american citizen lost so much liberty and been subjected to the whims of Big Brother more than during the GWBush administration. The dems are evil yes, but incapable of destroying our country faster and more efficiently than this dimwit that sits in office now.
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    Arewe gonna start seeing undercover USDA agents showing up at farmshows to prevent me from buying an unregistered private party no-papers-under the table bunny or two.[LMAO][LMAO]
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    The bit about animals that never leave a property would also be rather hard to implement since most who raise animals for their own food buy them young and raise them and even those who breed small enouph to JUST use it for their own use, a very hard thing to sustain since you either have to many to use your self or to small of a gene pool tobe sustainable, still send them off the property to be processed. So when they get it mandatory you are either a criminal, paying out the nose and reporting tobig brother or buying your meat at the market. It will create a large black market IMO for animals that have not been in the system.
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    One thing that is not talked about is that each time the animal is moved you pay a fee. One of the companies (which I cannot remeber the name of) that is pushing .gov hard on it estimates that it is a 200 billion dollar a year industry (selling tags and collecting the movement fees). Vermont has all ready voted it down Missouri is getting ready to do the same. Michigan on the other hand is all ready pushing it ahead and going to peoples farms and counting their livestock and making them register. To learn more go to
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    Ok, on the surface, that sounds reasonable and reassuring, does it not?

    BUT if Big Business has registered a herd/flock of 500,000 with ten tags (or however many, don't make me go look up the supendously ignorant ratio they've been granted), then the govt can only trace back to the general production. How many animals does Tyson process at each facilty? To make sure they erradicate all the unhealthy animals, the entire herd/flock would need to be put down. Thinking caps engaged: how many dollars would that be in loss for Big Business? Does anyone here really think that a herd/flock of that size belonging to a Big Block Business would actually be put down? While they can certainly afford to absorb the loss, they won't but rather pass it on to the consumer. Furthermore, how long will Big Business put up with having entire herds/flocks wiped out before their lobbyists are back in Washington with the politicians back on their knees?

    Now then, the everyday farmer has a herd or flock of a minute number (compared to BB). Say he has 25 chickens, 12 goats and 4 ducks (been there, had about those numbers at one low point ;)). These animals form the base of the family's income through eggs, sale of young and meat. All animals are duly chipped, notated and every freakin' movement reported like the good little drone he was told to be. He sells a couple chickens and next thing you know, something happens (chicken gets sick, meat not handled properly, whatever). It gets reported, and theoretically, the govt can come in and put down the entire flock. A small farmer cannot absorb that type of loss easily. There is no recourse for the farmer. He has no lobbyists, no clout with govt. All he can do is stare dumbly as his livlihood is erased with no re-embursment, no real cause needed other than NAIS said so.

    This is very much Us vs. Them. And our end of the stick is so short it barely qualifies for the draw. This has been being discussed for a year that I know of - but guess what, most politicians don't want to hear what the people think. After all, what do we matter? We should just shut up and be good sheeple and leave the running of our country into the ground to Big Business and their whores government.............


    (yep, think I"d better stop right there for the moment.)
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    Good analysis of the wiping out whole herdsthere'll be exemptionsfor big agribiz...( have a vet go through and test each animalinthe lot#? Can you test for mad cow??

    ? This whole thing stinksto high heaven,.. I was considering getting a few backyard rabbits, maybe a suburban chicken or two...but if i'm going to be liable for "criminal charges for not registering as a farm or reporting slaughter or births...Don'tlike the idea "they can control the entire food system and then declare your "flock "diseased or mishandled" and .gov agents descend on your place and eradicate your foodsupply,at their will... Don't like it one bit!..
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    The whole idea seems to be that this bill would be quietly passed while piggy-backed onto the National ID bill with no fanfare or awareness of the public-at-large. It was being kept very quiet so as to not alarm anyone or bring it to the attention of those radical elements like..........survival monkeys ;).

    Again from (which I found today for the first time thanks to y'all):

    Then someone who actually believes in watching what the 'government for the people by the people' (what an urban myth) caught sight of the proposal and started questioning it. The alarm was raised, and here we are discussing it. Next step is to cause enough of a stir to stop it. And I'm not too sure if there's going to be enough time or outrage at this point. The Nat'l ID bill goes active in 2008, and if this is slated to as well.........
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    I posted a thread some time back on another board about this. When seen as one facet of a group of issues that also includes the National ID card, Patriot Act, new banking regs, etc., one gets a very scary picture indeed. Not only are TPTB actively trying to remove the entire Bill of Rights from the Constitution, they are working to disarm us and control the sources of food that feed us. One could almost draw the conclusion that the plan is for anyone who diputes the .gov's position on anything to be unable to fight, and unable to feed themselves without government approval. Disturbing, indeed.
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    "Preaching to the tinfoil choir" here man,...[boozingbuddies]
    [boozingbuddies] [tinfoil101][stayback][flag][tinfoil101]

    "Neither buy nor sell... I am quite sure you'll need a nat id card or chip to buy food inthe next 10years.with few to no small farmers about you will be coerced into acceppting the shackles of gov control...
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