NAIS (say good bye to home raised food)

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    National Animal Identification System

    As you may or may not know, the USDA is planning to implement the NAIS by the fall of 2007.

    The Draft Strategic plan will be written by July 2006, with a short period for commentary to follow. This is a critical point for all homesteaders and small farming operations who own livestock. We need comprehensive evaluation of the requirements for registration and identification of our animals.

    Every animal which could possibly be used for human consumption, from farmed fish to a pet horse, would have to be registered and accounted for through a government agency. Every time an animal leaves your property, for breeding, a show, slaughter, or just to ride your horse on a trail, you will be required by federal law to report it within 24 hours. This is to be mandatory with enforcement by January 2009.

    I am very concerned about the ramification of such stringent guidelines for private ownership and use of livestock. As a small-scale beef rancher, I feel my livelihood is in serious jeopardy. Although there are real dangers of food source contamination, these exist primarily in feed lots, where thousands of animals are held in a confined area. The NAIS does not focus on these operations; quite the contrary. Large-scale producers would be allowed to umbrella thousands of animals under one identification code, whereas small-scale owners would be required to register with the USDA each individual animal, a chicken, a pigeon, a rabbit, with large animals requiring an implant or a tag containing a microchip.

    In addition, any property where an animal is raised must be registered by owner’s name, address, phone, and keyed to GPS coordinates for satellite-assisted location of houses and farms, to be mandatory by January 2008.

    The USDA has admitted there will be a cost to the producers. This means the small operator will bear the brunt of the expense because each animal requires a registration code number!

    Possible scenarios: 1) A farmer buys 20 chickens; each bird must have registration and a filing fee paid. A hen hatches a brood of chicks and each must have a code if they might ever leave his property. His wife wants to show her favorite hen at the country fair, so it must be registered and notification given within 24 hours of it leaving the property. He sells, trades, loses a bird to predation, or kills one for Sunday dinner, so it must be declared within 24 hours.

    2) His son and daughter want to raise a goat and a rabbit for a 4-H project, so each must have a number and corresponding fee paid.

    3) The children ride their horse to grandma’s house a mile down the road every Saturday, so the horse must be registered and must be reported each time it leaves the property.

    4) they want to take your food

    There can be no justification strong enough to subject a family-run farm to these restrictions. If the NAIS is approved as it is being written, it could signal the end of homesteading and the American family farm. The fees and bureaucratic red tape will make it impractical to continue raising livestock for personal use. After the system for registration proves inefficient, the next logical step will be a permit filed in advance for any sale, trade, breeding, or slaughter. We will need government permission to put our animals to their intended use.

    I strongly urge you to notify your readers of the infringement of personal rights we are facing in the near future. We need to organize and fight the obvious persecution of all small-volume livestock owners by the large corporate producers and the makers of high-tech animal ID equipment and their lobbyists, who are endorsing their unrealistic restrictions. Help form a unified force to protect the most unquestionable human right, a tradition as old as civilization, raising animals to feed our families. Once in place, the NAIS will be nearly impossible to change. Please fight for the revision of the NAIS and save our freedom!
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    Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns announced the release of an implementation plan that outlines timelines and benchmarks for the establishment of the National Animal Identification System (NAIS), along with a plan for the initial integration of private and state animal tracking databases with NAIS. The NAIS implementation plan, including implanted computer chips for all animals, along with more information about the program, is available at
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    Pay some time to this,or we will be hurting in time.
  4. Conagher

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    Man the NAIS sounds all too familiar like a system that's in place in the gov right now - gun control.

    • drive small producers and their supporting suppliers (feed stores, auction houses, etc) out of existence
    • make people abandon raising animals for their own food and as pets
    • invade Americans' personal privacy to a degree never before tolerated
    • deprive Americans of their property rights
    • violate the religious freedom of Americans whose beliefs make it impossible for them to comply
    • cost the American economy far more than it will deliver
    This sounds exactly like other systems in place within the gov now. Man, when will the madness end? It's time for a revolution to weed the dumb ones out of society!
  5. Valkman

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    Shit, there goes my Alpaca farm! :)
  6. TnAndy

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    This is the same government that can not collect taxes on billions of underground economy bucks......I suspect a whole lot of small farmers will simply ignore this horseshit, and I plan to be one of them.
  7. Seacowboys

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    I said pretty much the same thing about registering my dog, but I noticed her tags are currant because of the fines and liabilities small farmers will do the same damned thing sooner or or later. Build it and they shall come.[2c]
  8. ghrit

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    Mmm. Good. Goose, pheasant, duck (Aflack or not), deer, elk, Central Park pigeons. Wild rabbit, squirrel, small mouth and large mouth bass, blue gills, catties, flounder, sole, halibut, cod, salmon. You reckon they'll figure out how to tag them?:D
  9. melbo

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    I heard somewhere that this may trickle down to pets as well. Vet's would not be able to see an animal if it weren't tagged.

    Test run?
  10. Valkman

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    If only they'd apply a program this comprehensive on the illegals.
  11. TailorMadeHell

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    I read somewhere that someone (And I don't encourage this idea :D) would use the old 'Someone stole them from me' excuse when they start kicking in doors and snatching guns. What if that someone also did the same thing for their livestock? "Darn crooks broke in and stole my best goose." :lol:

    I will tell you as long as they make 'controlling legislature', uh I mean laws, there are ways around them. You have to actually look into yourself and ask if you will or won't bend them to keep your freedoms. This BS has got to stop in my opinion and I for one will look at all of them for my own use.

    And another thing. Anyone notice that NAIS switched around becomes NASI?

    NAIS comes to my house to look and make sure I am compliant.

    "Well Mr. Hell, you seem to have some non-registered horses here."

    "Oh, them ain't horses. They are a new species of animal not covered under the new laff, I mean law. They are four-legged fish."

    "Four legged fish?"

    "Yes, if you watch them closely, you'll see they sometimes go into the pond and swim."


    Okay, so it's an oddball story. Sue me. Haha. Seriously, I wonder if you can get by the law with this....

    They want you to report any horse leaving your property. If you do down to the courthouse and name your horse truck and equip said truck with mudflaps, does he then become a four-legged truck or should you go with ATV? He is after all an All Terrain Vehicle. Just not motorized.

    So where does it stop? Perfect example. You have a cell phone. Some carriers charge you for outgoing as well as incoming calls. So if you ride your horse to town, does that mean that they will eventually charge you for the horse leaving your property and returning? What about if your horse decides, 'Hey, I'mma go to town. I'll see you later.' What do you do then? It's the horse that left without YOU. So should the horse pay?

    What about if your horse goes into town, buys an AK and goes postal down at the feed store? Are you held liable for that?

    Okay, so people sometimes count sheep in order to go to sleep. Does this mean that those sheep have to be tagged as well?

    What about Babe the pig? Are they going to charge him back taxes or monies for having Gone to the city?

    And Mr. Ed. Does he qualify as citizen or horse?

    What about the wild mustangs? Who pays for them? The state or county? And which one? The one they are in at the time they are spotted or the one where they sleep at night?

    Just some rediculous thoughts as rediculous as the laws they are making?
  12. kckndrgn

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    Gee, sounds like it's the pilot program for the national id system :eek:
    Start with the food animals, then domestic animals, then finally the humans. Oh Joy!

  13. TailorMadeHell

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    Anyone know of any good microchip scanners? If I have had a chip implanted in me by way of injection I would like to be able to find out and get rid of it somehow. Maybe I'll just use an elecromagnetic generating suit to fry the thing. As far as livestock and pet ID chips, they already are in progress. As far as ID chips for people, I don't see them coming outright and telling you that you have to get one. They are sneaky like that. Besides, when it comes down to it, I can already see my future. I will be the psychotic, conspiracy theory, gun toting hermit guy that lives in the mountains and dies a slow death of starvation all the while learning that no matter how much you talk to yourself it will never be more than a one sided conversation. :lol:

    However, look at the facts. We already have numbers. SSI numbers. They have DNA because they can get this through blood, hair samples or cheek swabbing. If you say they don't have you on file already, I have some ocean front property in Idaho I'll sell ya. :lol:

    What about DLs? I don't know what your state practice is, though in CA, MS and AL when you get your DL they take your picture, a thumbprint and it even has a multi-user barcode on the back of it. So the only logical step is next to do away with the plastic and just imbed it into you so it will be real 'convenient'. Why? Face it. Americans are lazy. Humans are lazy. American Humans are lazy. We want it faster and easier. We don't want to have to work at anything. We might fail. Failure is not a good thing. I say to you, failure is a very good thing, in moderation. It teaches you what you did wrong in hopes that you wisen up and don't do that again. Some people just never learn or are too afraid of failure to take risks.

    Now I am saying 'we' as in most Americans. Though you get my point. American society has become so sheepish, so lax, so lafkjehrehyrwejrlerewhrewoiryurehlkrhewrjhwaerh retarded that we can't think for ourselves, do for ourselves or anything for ourselves. We need mom's milk feeder in our mouths the whole friggin' way through life. This society was founded on a great work ethic, fellowship (Not only religious, conversation), and pride in ones self and country. Now what have we become? We are at an impasse. Which way can we go? Total anhilation of the world with a few survivors to restart the process and maybe we'll get it right. One thing I cannot stand is being used. Whether that be from government, citizens, love ones, or anybody. I tend to get really hostile if I find I am in that type of situation. So what can happen if the SHTF? NWO steps in and bingo, we are all killed or sheparded. Dictatorship through military power. Again not good.

    I am at a point where I just read one of the most provoking pieces of SHTF fiction to date. It was a little story called 'Lost in Alabama'. {More to come}
  14. TailorMadeHell

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    In the story, for those who haven't read it I will try to keep out most of the details, FEMA guided by the NWO with Chinese and Korean allies tries to take over and destroy America. Well you have sheep that were herded off to camps, gangs that run rampant and either killed or were killed, American soldiers that were either against a NWO, for the NWO or for a dictatorship. Well it turns out the military joins with the 'Patriots' and helps knock down the NWOs grab for power only in the end to grab that power for themselves and sending the 'Patriots' off to re-education camps after the battle. The military even planned for 'acceptable losses' and killed 'Patriots' themselves. This provokes thought in me on a 'What If' basis. What if when the SHTF, the patriots all join with the military to fight off the NWO and in the end get shafted by the same miltary that said they wanted the people to be free? I will have to play it by ear when the time comes. Crazy world just keeps getting crazier. Things that make you go, UGH!!! :D
  15. Quigley_Sharps

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    'Lost in Alabama'
  16. E.L.

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    I doubt this ever happens, it will continue to be voluntary as the budget requirements for development, validation, litigation, enforcement, etc. would be overwhelming. The USDA, especially my agency is already running on fumes budget wise and we haven't even gotten close to Oct. which is the beginning of our fiscal year. For instance, there are more travel restrictions than you would believe. Even if some of it is installed one day, it will have changed so much it will hardly be recognizable. Just my [2c] .
  17. TailorMadeHell

    TailorMadeHell Lurking Shadow Creature

    Good to hear E.L. I say we underfund all agencies that would take away civil liberties, basic human rights and any that promote trivial laws just so they can personally pad their pockets. I understand that the USDA needs monies to operate for our safety though sometimes they come up with such trivial dribble it makes one sick.

    "No funding for you fido. You tried to start a program on tagging fish so you can study their preference of night crawlers over grubs."

    If they want to continue such trivial matter then I suggest they should come out of their own pockets for the research bill.

    Tracking where you ride or don't ride your horse. That is quite absurd. How about if they really wanted to do something, how about finding the idiots that keep feeding cattle ground up cattle? People, Bovine is spelled C-A-T-T-L-E not C-A-N-N-I-B-A-L. I guess they would fit right in back in the days of the Donner Party. Sheesh. Some people need one of them thar edumakations. :D
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