Naked Utah Homeowner Holds Burglar at Gunpoint

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    Naked Utah Homeowner Holds Burglar at Gunpoint

    by James Tarr |April 8, 2013

    Clinton Keller was booked into the Washington County Jail on suspicion of residential burglary and theft Thursday. (Photo from KSL)
    Another great personal defense story broke last week in a news report out of Utah in which St. George homeowner Eric Martin, who was in bed with his girlfriend, awoke to noises in his home. Martin retrieved his handgun and confronted an intruder, Clinton Keller, who then fled outside.
    Keller had apparently entered the house through an unlocked rear door, and had already spent some time removing items from the house and stockpiling them on the lawn. Apparently he forgot about that, because he tripped over some of Martin’s belongings on the lawn, allowing Martin to catch up.
    Check out the video from KSL TV in Salt Lake City
    As Martin explained, “I said, ‘Do you know what I have pointed at you?’ He said, ‘No,’ and I said, ‘Do you want to know?’ And he of course doesn’t respond to that one, so I tell him, ‘Let me explain. I’ve got a 9mm pointed at you with high-velocity hollow points in the chamber,’ and I explained to him what that will do to him if he moves.”
    Martin added, “He tried to get up once, and I explained again that this was the last time I was going to have this conversation with him, and he stayed on the ground at that point.”
    Martin’s girlfriend, who was inside the house along with Martin’s 8-year-old son, called 911. Martin was able to hold Keller on the ground until police got there. Oh, did we forget to mention Martin was nude?
    “Imagine five police cars and seven officers rolling up to a scene with a naked man holding a weapon pointing at someone, and holding him down on the ground,” Martin said. “The police got a kick out of that.”

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    Wow that took balls.:oops:
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    Yep, and they were ALL Hang'en Out.....
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    Read about this on Facebook a few days ago, and someone thought it was funny that he said "Do you know what I have pointed at you?"
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    Didn't think about that until you said it, LOL.
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    either one could be terrifying, if you are the unwilling target.....:rolleyes:
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    Trespassers will be prostituted.
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