Name 25 Things Most Folks Don't Know About You

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  1. Seacowboys

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    I saw a thread once somewhere that had people list things about themselves that most did not know. I thought this was a cool way of making conversation on-line a bit more like face to face, to feel like you actually know something about the folks you are interacting with. I have been active on this site since it began and still learn something about the people I interact with every day. So I'll start this thing off with 25 things that most folks don't know about me:
    1. I shave with straight razors every morningffice:eek:ffice" />
    2. I have matching crocodile boots, belt, holster and hatband
    3. I carry two guns and a knife most of the time
    4. I use Bulgari Green Tea shower gel
    5. My favorite song is “School” by Super Tramp
    6. I used to collect porcelain china dolls
    7. I have a tattoo of an American Beauty rose on my left shoulder-blade and only one other person knows why
    8. I love the smell of fresh baked bread and fresh ground coffee, it reminds me of my childhood
    9. My favorite movie is “Being There’ with Peter Sellers
    10. I prefer my dog to the company of most people and I am sure she prefers my company as well
    11. Motor Cycles make me laugh when I ride them too fast
    12. I like Knob Creek Whiskey straight up every evening
    13. I pretend to sleep so my wife can wake me up every morning
    14. I think the laws against marijuana are stupid and wasteful
    15. I am a registered Libertarian
    16. I am an active Tea Party member
    17. I like to skin dive and spearfish
    18. I write songs, compose music, and own a recording studio
    19. I like to wreck ships with explosives, chain-sawing, and burning
    20. I once shot two pirates near Cuba
    21. I am a licensed Merchant Marine Officer with 500 ton Masters Rating
    22. I love to fly small planes but refuse to get a pilot’s license
    23. My Passport has stamps from 26 different countries on it
    24. I have worked in “War Zones” on many occasions and have never been in the military
    25. I love to cook and am very good at it
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  2. Falcon15

    Falcon15 Falco Peregrinus

    Alrighty I'll play along:
    1. I watch cartoons with my kids.
    2. I wear Australian range gear - duster, hat etc.
    3. I carry at least 3 knives and 1 gun at all times (legally allowed)
    4. I love Grandpa's Wonder Pine Tar Soap
    5. My favorite food is black beans and rice - Central American style
    6. I used to paint and cast Napoleonic miniatures
    7. I don't watch sports on television, I prefer to see them live.
    8. I have been drinking black coffee since I was 3
    9. I have lived and worked in almost every one of the lower 48, Panama, and Ghana, Africa
    10. I love cats.
    11. I played semi-pro paint ball from 1988-1990
    12. I can drink coffee all day, right up until I go to sleep and fall asleep in 5 minutes (ticks my wife off)
    13. I get up 1 hour before my entire family to make breakfast and pack lunches for everyone.
    14. I think the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence are the greatest documents penned in the past 500 years.
    15. I am of Lebanese descent on my mother's side of the family.
    16. I am of German descent on my Father's side of the family.
    17. I enjoy a good cigar.
    18. I was a talk radio talk show host for 5 years
    19. I have been shooting since I was 4
    20. I defended myself - unarmed - against 3 muggers.
    21. I am a trained and certified Autotranfusion/Perfusion technician
    22. I saved a man's life by quick application of the Heimlich manuever
    23. I once rode a 10 speed from Miami to Key West and back on spring break
    24. I am a permanent student. I am always trying to learn new things.
    25. I once caught a 700 pound sail fish.
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  3. hank2222

    hank2222 Monkey+++

    i try to play along

    1-i like to go to the threate
    2-i like to travel and see what over the next hill
    3-i like all music but rap & oprea
    4-i take a shot of whiskey before bed
    5-i love baseball itself but not the teams
    6-the only time i will watch a sport like football or hockey is when it in the cup or superbowel games
    7-my personal life is in a crazy mode and my business life is smooth as glass right now
    this is really hard to think of things
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  4. sarawolf

    sarawolf Monkey+++

    I will try but I have a tame boring life compared to you folks. I have to start with my youth lol.

    1. My dad is German/English & mom Danish/Irish/Scot/Cherokee.
    2. I followed the bear trails as a 2 year old in MN with my dog.
    3. I nearly chocked to death at 3 on a cherry lifesaver (I remember it well.)
    4. I was ice skating at 4.
    5. I didn't learn to swim until I was 6, my step dad threw me off the end of pier in Pewaukee WI. and said time to learn.
    6. I learned to shoot and went bird and rabbit hunting at 6 years old.
    7. I called the police at 7 yrs old as my step dad tried to shoot my mom.
    8. I saw the lake monster in Pewaukee lake.
    9. We moved in the middle of the night 3 times.
    10. I went to school 1 day in Lily WI. and we moved again.
    11. I started babysitting at 9 years old.
    12. I held down a job at 12.
    13. I married for the first time at 14. (Old southern tradition I put a stop to in our family.)
    14. I am a avid reader.
    15. I remarried at 21 & now we have been together almost 38 yrs.
    16. I am a white water rafter.
    17. I have written 4 action doomer type books lol.(Self published)
    18. I love learning new things, colonial especially. Tanning hides, soap making, cheese, spinning wool and so on.
    19. I can cook anything.
    20. I love camping, fishing and hunting, anything outdoors.
    21. I am a descendent of Robert the Bruce and John Rolf.
    22. We had 6 of our 10 kids in under 9 years. With all 10 joining us in 18 years.
    23. I became a grandmother at 37.
    24. I have lived in 11 states WI,MN,MI,IL,IA,CO,CA,MO,VA,ID,WA.
    25. I used to hold down 3 jobs at one time not counting the home, husband and kids.
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  5. Gafarmboy

    Gafarmboy Monkey+++

    My Turn to play...

    1. Every time I get in a large body of water, it tries to kill me.
    2. I have 2 passports,one nationality.
    3. I suck at farming
    4. If you are with-in 40 yards of my .45, you taint going home.
    5. Couldn't hit a target at 500 yards with 10k dollar rifle.I Suck with long guns
    6. My girlfriend is my best friend.
    7. My best male friend for 25 years has sold out because of fear.
    8. My rabbits bring me a lot of peace.
    9. I frigging hate geese. F&&king Moronic bas%%rds can't walk without shi@@ing.
    10. My Nephew, the Marine, is my Hero.
    11. I would rather hang out with my dogs than talk to most people.
    12. Very few of my socks match.
    13. My hand guns cost more than my trucks.
    14. I take a weapon every where I go. I mean everywhere, toilet, church, school.
    15. I have been around the world three times and the only place I ever wanted to see was Montana. BIG SKY country.
    16. I am a major coffee snob. I grind my own beans, boil water in a tea kettle.
    17. I like Opera and Gregorian chants
    18. I don't buy cheap boots
    19. I like building things with my hands.
    20. I appreciate fine blades.
    21. I still have the HOTs for Rachel Welch..Hubba-u-hubba and damn fine.
    22. I do not cuss in front of my mother out of respect...[respect]
    23. I do not own a television.
    24. Would rather read than be on the computer..No disrespect to current company...
    25. Have an impressive collection of books on tapes and radio programs from the golden ages of radio..
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  6. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    There are way more than 25, but if I listed them, I'd have to hunt you down to maintain OPSEC. However, here's one -

    My ex and I are both happy we are ex.
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  7. hank2222

    hank2222 Monkey+++

    8-i own a fender stat guitar and play a little rock for fun
    9-at one time in my life i wanted to be a studio guitar player in hollywood
    10-had dreams of going to music school out in ca after getting out of the military
    11-i had wish i could stayed for the full 30 years in the military
    12-i miss my wife everyday and wish she could see the kids grow and her grandkids
    13-i had a chance to move to Ireland and did not take it i wish i had somedays
  8. RightHand

    RightHand Been There, Done That RIP 4/15/21 Moderator Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    ghrit, the object was to tell us something we didn't know about you LOL
  9. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    1. I don't like Facebook because it is in bed with the NSA and control matrix.
    2. I don't share personal information on sites like YouTube because it is controlled by Google and hence, the NSA/CIA.
    3. I first got into "conspiracy theories" back when they were known as punishable criminal activities.
    4. I did most of my research before the internet became well known, spending countless hours in town halls and public libraries.
    5. I have read practically every word of the Uniform Commercial Code.
    6. I have studied the United States Code at great length, and have thousands of copied entries.
    7. I have spent more time on microfiche machines looking up newspaper articles on communist infiltration than most have spent on the internet by now.
    8. I have read every book by Lynn Meredith and other patriots on the illegal IRS.
    9. I have memorized this webpage at the Supreme-law library.
    10. I first started studying the Constitution and Declaration of Independence when I could read, and by the age of 10 I had most of it memorized, although I must admit I have forgotten much, but....
    11. I always carry a copy of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence with me, just in case.
    12. I have studied the Federal Reserve Code and laughed out loud at the absurdity of it in the law library and was asked to leave. I politely declined and continued to read quietly.
    13. I was saving silver and stockpiling food and other securities since 1995, at the age of 21.
    14. My first handgun was a .38 revolver, but I couldn't carry it around with me because I was only 8.
    15. My father used to scare the police off his property with his .44 magnum back in the day when the police used to work for the people and not the corporate fascist state. If I did that today I would have a hundred bullet holes in me from the SWAT team deployed to "contain the situation".
    16. I have contingency plans for my backup plans and highlight no less than three routes to safety from my current place of residence.
    17. I will eat anything without complaint, except "food" with man-made chemical additives.
    18. I like to drink distilled water and heffe-weisse on a daily basis.
    19. Despite how I type, I am actually a very comical, silly person who enjoys life. The internet allows me to keep it sweet and to the point...besides, there are already too many asses in life.
    20. I watched a giant UFO fly over me in march of 2000, and it looked just like the triple-triangle from the Zelda tri-force logo, but it glowed hot orange and faded in and out of sight.
    21. I have studied Ninjitsu, Aikido, Juijitsu, Systema, and laughed when I had to participate in military combatives.
    22. I drink enough hot tea to have it ordered in bulk from Amazon.
    23. I usually don't carry a gun because I figure I can just take the one from the bad guy since he will have a crushed throat and a broken leg. Just kidding. Or, am I?
    24. I learned most of my wisdom from Star Wars. Thanks Master Yoda!
    25. 99% of the time, I live my life knowing the illusion will one day end. Row, row, row your boat...
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  10. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker

    ok lets see...

    1. I have written a book of japanese tanka's
    2. been shooting since 4
    3. i used to shoot competitively (Trap AA class)
    4. i was a liscensed falconer in two countries
    5. i'm a 4 state champion throwing tomahawks and bowies
    6. I do 16th centry re-inactments
    7. i love to cook
    8. i have a 10,000 volume library
    9 love to play cards
    10. was a dj on KZAP
    11. have 90 volumes on magic
    12. Collect old magic paraphanalia
    13. teach a practicum course on the under world of london circa 1580 in cluding how to steal swords and other ways of being a cut purse
    14. been married 26 years
    15. been to all 50 states and 123 countries
    16. been the president of an international association
    17. NASDS certified diver
    18. can make 250 balloon animals with one balloon
    19. can't type to save my life..
    20. have written and preformed several songs
    21. have cooked a 4 course meal for 175 people
    22. am more overweight than i like
    23. have held 16 different jobs in my past
    24. have performed on stage and made some money doing it as a magician
    25.currently have 5 members of my family under arms....
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  11. RightHand

    RightHand Been There, Done That RIP 4/15/21 Moderator Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    1 Family matters more to me than anything else. By default, I am the matriarch of my clan
    2. I never spent 2 yrs in the same school until my jr. year in HS - one year, I went to 3 different schools and have no friends from childhood because of the military life
    3. I shaved my legs for the 1st time when I was 15 but chickened out after the first leg and didn't shave the other
    4. I lost my brother, my best friend, to Muscular Dystrophy when he was 18 and I was 15 and I have missed him ever since
    5. I have been a single parent for over 30 years and never felt the need to change my status
    6 I haven't worn a bra since I was 20 and for 25 years, I never wore anything but suits, stocking, and heels to work - I never wore trousers
    7. I've competed successfully in a man's world but haven't been quite as successful in a woman's world
    8. I sculpt marine mammals out of basswood, draw using pencils and charcoal and water paint oriental style art on rice paper
    9. I collect original oriental art
    10. I love opera
    11. I garden
    12. I play the piano and the guitar
    13. I write poetry and essays - how will I know what I feel until I see what I say
    14. I love to cook but only eat 1 meal a day
    15. I enjoy sewing, knitting, crocheting, weaving, quilting, then gifting the output to my family
    16. I'm mechanical by nature and enjoy fixing things
    17. I'm a pretty fair fly-fisherman, an ok shot with firearms, and a practiced tracker
    18. I'm a solitary soul
    19. I don't feel the need to fill the air with noise - silence suits me fine.
    20. I'm intolerant of rudeness and laziness
    21. I have many acquaintances but only a few friends - I'm not a good conversationalist
    22. I hate talking on the phone and I hate to shop
    23. I love dogs, Dobermans in particular, and fast cars
    24. I've endured insomnia all my life and have been know to read a book a day/night
    25. I've never done anything remotely noteworthy but love my family
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  12. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart,Deadman Walking, Snow Monkey Moderator

    Everything Folks need to know, is in my "About Me" Blog, here on the Monkey.... Way more than 25 Things, I guess, You can decide which are relevant.....
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  13. TnAndy

    TnAndy Senior Member Founding Member

    1. I hate making lists...........................
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  14. dragonfly

    dragonfly Monkey+++

    The only 25 things I can think of, are NOT some things I'd like to share!
    OPSEC wise anyhoo!
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  15. hank2222

    hank2222 Monkey+++

    14 -i'm Dyslexia and hidden it for years in my work and personal life..
    15-but because of my Dyslexia i have a stange way of looking at photo's of crime's before and after pictures i can tell where it been moved or replaced inside the photo to get better understanding ..

    my friend calls it the monk method at times ..
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  16. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    I could probably list a hundred things and none of them would compromise anything related to security. The first and most important thing is that I control habits, they do not control me. The second thing is that I am cautious without being paranoid. I do not hide from anything or anyone. I know nothing that I am unwilling to freely share and I have nothing that I am unwilling to protect. If someone interests me with a posting, I start a dialogue; if they seem like a really interesting person, I might arrange to meet them and have made a number of real friends in that manner, several from this site. How's that for OPSEC?
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  17. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    An abundance of caution, and a refusal to run with the paranoid sheep. Works for me.
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  18. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    That's an interesting talent, for sure. I always admire people that think outside the box and guess that's sort of a mental way of making lemonaide when delt lemons.
  19. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    1. i was raised like the great depression was still going
    2. started learning to be self-sufficient self-reliant around 6 years old, intentionally
    3. in 52 years of life i have had over 100 career changes (mostly intentionally)
    4. ive attended 5 universities tho i have no degrees
    5. i dont hunt or fish unless im out of food
    6. i can make my own clothing, from growing the fibers on up through spinning, weaving making patterns and sewing them together
    7. i started working off the farm when i was 10, full 8-12 hour days, for .75 an hour
    8. i have walked out into the wild with nothing but my clothing and lived comfortably for 2 weeks
    9. my worst enemies concerning my lifestyle tend to be my family (always fun)
    10. i dont watch tv or listen to a radio
    11. i HATE clothes, only wear them cuz im forced to
    12. i believe in one god but hate all religions, i find them ALL corrupt
    13. there is nothing that i cant do once i decide im gonna do it
    14. the only limitations i acknowledge are self-imposed
    15. i live by my own set of laws ( i just make it look like im following the rest of the worlds laws)
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  20. VHestin

    VHestin Farm Chick

    1. I
    2. don't
    3. like
    4. stupid
    5. people!
    6. I have a samurai in my ancestry/lineage.
    7. I used to eat (plain lined) paper when I was a kid for a while. It tasted like bananas.
    8. Facebook doesn't like me (being political).
    9. I like waffles cause I can put cheese in each little 'pocket' and heat it until it melts.
    10. I'm glad not to have TV anymore.
    11. I can't stand whining.
    12. I don't want kids.
    13. I think the 'feminist'/women's movement is a bunch of crap.
    14. Peas are my favorite green food.
    15. Since part of my chores became raking up(and burning) all the pine needles/cones from all the trees on our property, I have developed an extreme dislike for pine trees.
    16. I'm a firm believer in organic/nonGMO foods(and the agricultural practices that produce them.
    17. I used to like bad weather as a kid when it meant no school. Now it's just Mother Nature laughing at me.
    18. I have a wide variety of musical tastes.
    19. I don't think diamonds are a girl's best friend. May be pretty to look at, but they're functionally useless(outside of industrial applications). Gimme cold hard steel anyday.
    20. I used to play piano.
    21. I deal with PMS by chopping firewood or some kind of (barehanded) demolition.
    22. I like growing my own food and knowing what's in it.
    23. I get horribly upset when my body isn't up to doing what I need to get done.
    24. The only food groups I acknowledge are pizza and chocolate.
    25. Alliteration bugs the crap out of me for some reason.
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