napalm girl photo turns 40

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    It is sad that children must experience war.

    AP 'napalm girl' photo from Vietnam War turns 40 | Fox News


    The Cannon - News + Views » Local » "Girl in the Picture" headlines Faith Week

    Key point:
    Liberals in this country don't understand what freedom is.
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    I remember that photo from an old Encyclopedia set Mom bought, not long after the event. Didn't see it on mainstream news, but I was a kid and didn't pay attention to news then.
    Part of the reason "War is Hell", is due to the injuries and death of kids and other innocents.
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    The photo of this poor child running down the street is an example of the iconic imagery that I was referring to in another thread when I commented that today, the lowliest private can lose a war single-handedly.

    This image, and at least a dozen other equally iconic photographs are burned into the minds of those who were around during the Vietnam War, as well as many younger citizens.

    This image, the image of the South Vietnamese Intelligence Officer executing a suspected Viet Cong in the street, and the image of the horrified female college student bending over the bodies of those killed at Kent State, helped to define the war in the minds of many Americans.

    Those handful of images helped to convince the American public that the war needed to stop; and at that point, it didn't matter how many victories the American military racked up against the opposition, the war was essentially lost.

    From reading the articles, I'm amazed that this lady ended up with as healthy an emotional state as she seems to have. No child should ever have to endure what she and tens of thousands of others have endured in that conflict, as well as in others.
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