NARA’s and VA’s collaboration Blue Water Sailor/Agent Orange> 22,524 claims since Jan. 1,

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    VA’s collaboration with NARA digitizes Vietnam-era deck logs - VAntage Point

    NARA’s and VA’s collaboration has already assisted in granting more than 22,524 claims since Jan. 1, 2020. The effort digitized more than 29 million images from U.S. Navy and Coast Guard deck logs. It has also provided data, such as ship name, date and coordinates to feed an internal claims-related technical processing system that identifies the vessels that may have traveled within the offshore waters of the Republic of Vietnam. This proactive approach ensures that Rating Veterans Service Representatives have the evidence needed to render a decision the first time a case is reviewed.
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    This is fine for most ships but, Submarines on Special Ops do not have the 2 daily locations in their Logs.

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    Regarding submarines that is exactly so in most cases. However, ports of call will show in the port records, and MAY show in the ship's deck log IF the port call was part of international "show the flag" events, tho' the route and mission to get there will be blank. Full deck logs will not be available outside of classified files, but some events (say like crossing the line) will show up readily on innocuous cruises. Not much in the way of dioxin on the equator, and no occupational exposure to the messy leavings of an active war zone in water deep enough for nuke boats, tho' the old diesel boats may have made port calls in Nam or that area.
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