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    Just thought i'd pass on some info on Narrow band radios... the Feds have mandated some modifications for narrow band radion for local agencies ref the PL's e-bay is being flooded with lots of older radios with out the ability for upgrades .... may want to keep an eye out, or ask some questions prior to purchase...

    I'm not a specialist in this area so BT probably knows more than I do but several folks have purchased them and found out they are only good for another 6 moths or so...
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    As long as the government is functioning, After no one is monitoring the system you could probably use them without any issues.

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    If you are a Ham, these older radios are just fine for use, and make very good Ham Radios. If you are a commercial user, they must be replaced, with the newer Narrow-narrowband Radios.... by FCC Decree....
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    It depends which narrow band radios..

    You do need a license for these frequencies and the ability to "re-tune" the radio to operate on a different frequency. You can buy the antenna. ;)

    Ebay even has cavities for a repeater :D

    Celwave Phelps cavity UHF 4 can 6" Combiner Duplexer | eBay

    One of my old Ham Clubs bought a used fed FM repeater, antennas, and cavities. Tuning requires high level skills; I know, I watched. LOL
    Because it is pretty much line of sight many believe UHF is a good place to get lost; unfortunately, technology changed that rule. VHF/UHF are line of sight; high altitudes always have a great view.
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