NASA ‘secret’ still safe

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    Tango 3 is lying low for a day or two so I am stepping up to the plate. [tf]

    NASA ‘secret’ still safe, as are Nessie, Bigfoot

    On Tuesday, Americans will celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of the most amazing accomplishments in history: fooling the world into believing astronauts landed on the moon.

    The Apollo performance was the biggest government-sponsored cover-up since an alien ship making a crop-circle run was distracted by a Bigfoot sighting and crashed on a grassy knoll in Roswell, N.M.

    What makes the "moon landing" so impressive is that not once in the 40 years since the "One small step" video (shot in a secret desert location) aired around the globe has anyone involved breached the wall of silence vital to the immense conspiracy. Imagine the care that was taken in hiring the hundreds of people needed for sets, lighting, sound, acting and, of course, the all-important cleanup.

    Everyone involved has withstood intense scrutiny from family, friends and Matt Lauer to stick with the story that, oh yeah, we really sent guys to the moon to hop around and collect rocks.

    Kudos to those involved who carried the secret to the grave.

    Fortunately, inquiring minds can turn to the Internet for overwhelming evidence that blows the lid off the 32-ounce Big Gulp of deception that is the moon landing, along with photos of Nessie, Bigfoot and ugly little "goatsuckers."

    Careful observation of NASA photos and video clearly shows that shadows on the "moon" are wrong, there are no stars in the sky and the horizon is the same one used in The Truman Show. Besides, golf balls can’t slice and flags can’t wave without an atmosphere. If NASA hadn’t airbrushed it out, we certainly would have spotted Neil Armstrong’s pants on fire.

    So, keep the faith, truth-seekers. Someday the Roswell wreckage will be discovered in a secret location in the desert next to the retirement home of an aging Elvis.

    And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day (although the pyramids were, with help from aliens) and gravity is just a theory.
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    And, don't forget, the aliens among us have hidden the fact that the earth is flat for lo, these past 3000 years. (They usually won't let us approach the edge so that the truth can be discovered. The Bermuda Triangle hides the edge as proven by all the ships and aircraft lost there.)
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    good one :)
    I'm gonna have to call in a consultant to beat that post!
    Anybody gotta number for David Mabus???
    (bellvue rm35?)
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    I didn't fall off when I was there. Oh, maybe because I was under the edge.
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    Being a photographer, there was a small damning piece of evidence out of the entire mess that provided me with a glimmer of "hope", if that's the right word!
    Hasselblad cameras have a distinct "grid" etched into their view screens, most are red lines, some are black. (the grid is for alignment of parallel lines! aka: buildings, etc.)
    Now, my question is and has been for years : How on earth (pardon the pun!), did they manage to get the viewscreen with it's grid on their film? (see their photo!)
    When you trip the shutter to take the photo on film, the mirror moves up and out of the way for the image to be recorded, as it blocks the viewscreen!!!
    It is just an oversized SLR (single lens reflex) key word: reflex.
    The entire mirror assembly flips upward, blocking out the viewscreen (which by the way is not inline with any film, ever, and lets the film be exposed.
    Anyone with an slr camera, much less a Hasselblad, knows the photo was "fixed".
    It simply is impossible for that photo to be taken that way, unless: you have a no. 2 camera with a macro lens, focusing on the 1st camera's viewscreen....
    What's the point?
    It's absurd, and as false as can be "arranged" in any type of "photo-op".
    But then what would I know....I've only been doing this a for few years (try 49).
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