nasa claims liquid water found on mars

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tango3, Dec 10, 2006.

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    Saw that the other day..... I'm hoping for some sort of life, even microbial would be extremely cool.
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    [​IMG]This is the kinda space lifeform I'm hoping to be abducted by..( "dianna" fron "V")
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    Just an observation, but would anybody on these forums like to undertake a small study? I would like a college or university offer this as a bit of curriculum...but I would only be dreaming, of course. It involves scientific discovery around the time of war. If you can give me a few significant comparisons, I would feel much better. You may also go into the social and psychological aspects and relevance, and attempt to ascertain what role does a space age discovery serve for a people whose minds have been filled with abject horrors and atrocities. Be sure to summarize with explaining whether or not a dependency is created, and whether it be a socio-economic dependency, a temporary distraction, or a well planned and organized government sponsored campaign to attempt to add legitimacy to its current policy. You may use more than one of the above. You may go as far back in history as you choose. You have one day to complete this task.
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    There is my day's worth. I don't feel like thinking that hard today. That said, this can get into tin foil territory in a hurry. Not there yet, actually an interesting socio-economic question. I shouldn't be too surprised if you were able to land a grant to study it.[flag]
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    Haha! Excellent stuff, Ghrit. And I agree that we should at the very least recognize tin foil hat speculation. One government funded project that falls too close would be the H.A.A.R.P. array system, which is capable of using electromagnetic energies bounced off the ionosphere to do all kinds of fun stuff, like tear a hole just wide enough to allow the sun to scorch a portion of the Earth. I would say that discussing the existence of transdimensional beings as tin foil hat material, though....But a person could physically go and look up the patents for the H.A.A.R.P. project in the patent office, and follow the funding. I would check into private organizations like the Ford Foundation and Carnegie Foundations. Basically, all I ever do is look at the science journals and check out who is funding this weeks' "discovery". But all of this matters very little when we have resounding evidence like the fact that a team of "scientists" can locate water on a dead planet hundreds of billions of miles away through space...but somehow seem to miss a crack in a rocket booster cell of a shuttle less than 1 mile away.
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