Nasty weather shooting

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by Bishop, May 24, 2017.

  1. Bishop

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    You have to practice in all kinds of weather.
  2. SB21

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    Amen brother, I use to love huntin' in a good misty rain, makes it easy sneakin' thru the woods.
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  3. Tempstar

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    Thought I was the only one wacky enough to shoot in the rain. And ride a motorcycle in the rain. Good vid!
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  4. Byte

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    Misty rainy days are the best for riding the bike and the quad. a) Mud! b) very few people out c) more Mud! d) no bugs
    One downside is Mud! that you have to get out of all the impossible places that it has found its way into...4 hours of least that many on clean up! I do try to avoid pavement in the rain though. Just never could get myself comfortable riding on it.

    And yes, all that moisture in the air & on the ground makes it much quieter. Every deer I've ever taken was within about an hour of sun up. The dew keeps things much quieter. They never even know I'm there. It's even better if you get the early snow with the great big soft flakes.
  5. arleigh

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    Two of the worst searches I've been on, where sound was concerned was ,
    One, a stream in a densely forested and narrow canyon that was so loud you could not hear the radio on your hip, and conversations had to be with in a few feet.
    The second, was in sleet , the wind was so strong and snow was so side ways thick, you couldn't hear some one yelling at you from 50 feet .
    The serious problem with in these situations is that mountain lion are on the hunt, and any thing moving can be a target. It's bad enough during the summer and things are dry. you may never hear them break a twig .
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