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    Last night National Geographic aired American Blackout. It was okay. I think it was a worthwhile program that will hopefully open peoples eyes. They showed one ditz that just made me laugh with her materialist ways, wondering why no one was helping them. I know it truly isn't funny but so many people (adults) are unable to truly care for themselves. I have been reading different media accounts and the best was in Huffington.

    NatGeo's American Blackout Presents Scary Portrayal of Powerless Nation | Aaron Sagers

    I know this will be aired again on Tuesday so if you missed it last night, check it out and give your take on, would society break down slower or quicker then they portrayed. Us here on the survival monkey are more prepared then many of our fellow man, I just hope that this will inspire some to set up & set aside.
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    I also watched it last night and it is a good Sheeple awakener, well at least for the small percentage that have any clue. Was going to send out a link today to my email contacts about the upcoming show and figured I would wait until 11/12 so they remember to watch it.
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    Yeah but all the transformers magically healed themselves after 10 days. I thought that was too convinenent. Otherwise, it was a good show.
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    Yeah, the power came back on really fast. Anyone who has been through a blizzard knows that power wouldn't get fixed that quick. I know it was unrealistic but I do believe this is a show for (as Mountainman said) the "sheeple". Those folks in the condo are basically who the show was for. They couldn't even open a can without injury.
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  6. kellory

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    You scare sheeple a little, you herd them in the right direction. You scare sheeple a lot, they stampede, and riot. And they have to be awake to be trained. I think this was designed to wake them up a little.
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    Who the heck doesn't have a manual can opener around?
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    I have on on my key ring. It's the only way I open most cans just to make sure it works.
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  9. kellory

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    On my Gerber multi-plyer. On my belt.
  10. Illini Warrior

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    same people who only have cordless landline phones at home .... no electric - no phone
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  11. kellory

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    The same people who have no back up heat system. (Modern furnaces REQUIRE positive air plow before they can be lit, this means no power no heat. Old furnaces could be run from a 12vt car battery. not possible with the new ones.)
  12. Harbin

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    Must be referring to really old gravity type, otherwise i have no idea how you keep any furnace from the last 25 years running without power to the fan...even if it has a standing pilot.

    Wood stove fixes that, but I'd say 99% of suburbia doesn't have any back up heat. This is why we scrapped plans for the direct vent fireplace when we built our house- very little heat output and won't run without power.

    Plenty of creative ways though to get the minimal amperage 110v to a furnace, won't get into that here.
  13. bfayer

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    Saw the show. overall good entertainment.

    Why did natural gas cease to exist?

    They also went out of their way to make the guy with the bunker look like a moron, but that's normal for these types of shows.

    I think they did call it right when our esteemed president federalized the entire country and started seizing all the guns, gas and food and then called on the UN for help.

    I maybe cold hearted but all I could think of with the elevator kids stuck on the roof was "if you can't figure out how to get off a roof, then you deserve to die where you are".
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  14. kellory

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    That's right, gravity furnaces. and i know several ways myself, but I agree, 'tis best not to give lessons. Nor do I need to, I installed a Natural gas wall furnace that will burn clean with no power, as long as the gas holds out. It heats the livingroom (largest room) and less so, the rest of the house. No worries here. (That is , of course, if the two generators are not running.)
  15. bfayer

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    Why would all the transformers magically go bad?
  16. Yard Dart

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    Its magic dude...biglaff
  17. mysterymet

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    They showed them getting blown up by power surges at the beginning of the show and mentioned they'd be hard to replace.
  18. bfayer

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    That would only effect a few weak links. A cyber attack would not cause a wholesale failure of transformers any more than a storm or local computer failure would.

    Now a EMP may cause widespread transformer issues, but that depends on the strength of the EMP.

    A cyber attack would cause a cascading shutdown of the grid, as each region saw their loads increase due to the cascading failures they would perform a emergency shutdown to protect their system. That would cause the next region to shut down, etc., etc...

    Once the grid is off line it could take weeks to get everyone back up.

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  19. BTPost

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    "Blowing UP" is NOT what Transformers DO..... They may Overheat, but Blow Up... Fantasy.... All distribution Transformers are CircuitBreaker Protected... even in a 200% overload, the Breaker will open before the transformer ever gets close to melting.... It isn't the Transformers that will need to be replaced, but the contacts on the Circuit Breakers, that will FRY, as they interrupt the Current going into, or out of said Transformer. These Circuit Breakers are very BIG and Expensive, and the contacts are as robust as can be engineered, but they still can, and will, Fail if they are tripped under Full or OverLoad Conditions. They Usually Fail OPEN, but occasionally will Weld Closed, in a Failed condition.
  20. Yard Dart

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    Transformers rupture in lieu of explode and do put on a bit of a display. I have been at some of these when they pop and it can be quite a deal as the same time you most likely see an arcing of the phases which appears to be an explosion, with the simultaneous rupture of the transformer vessel.
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