National Geographic Article on Solar Storms

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  1. shaw5038

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    The June 2012 National Gerographic Magazine has, as their cover, an article on Solar Super Storms. It's extremely well written and, in a factuar way, scary as the dickens.

    For any of you out there who is as concerned about the chances of a real CME scenario as I am, it's a must read.
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  2. ghrit

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    It's in queue in the library.
  3. Ditto.

    (I read several studies that say all of this is cyclical and it means we will be entering a new ice age within the next couple of years and without any dramatic polar shifts that many defended to be origin of a new ice age. Numbers vary a little but it seems that the sun goes through this changes every so many thousands of years causing an ice age on earth. The strangest thing is that everyone seems to agree that the ice ages are actually the norm on earth not the warm times we live in. The ratio seems to be that for every 100,000 years of ice we warm up for 12,000 and then cool off again. Some scientists have been predicting for years that the next ice age will start sometime in 2014, thus the flares are part of the process. Pretty scary (but beautiful) stuff.)
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    Read this one myself.

    Worth a look-over by anyone who doesn't normally read the magazine
  5. Clyde

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    I sweat in the heat so this is good. Looking forward to ending the global warming scam and if we can actually get the Sun to pull this off in 2 years, this will, perhaps, avert the need for thinning out the population by a grand, long depression and get the TPTB to consider holding off the collapse until nature takes its course. Bring on the Ice will increase real estate prices, too, but only for 88,000 years or so until the next "heat up".
  6. groovy mike

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    If it is the same article as on their website it is very mild and barely mentions the dangers of solar flares. No one knows when it will happen, but sooner or later the grid will go down as the lines heat up and transformers burn out due to solar activity. When that happens - it will be TEOTWAWKI.
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