National Gun Registry via Newspaper FOIA Requests?

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    Anybody else out there get the feeling the current administration is building its national gun registry (that is KNOWS it cannot get through Congress/lawful means) but having sympathetic newspapers and news organizations throughout the country file Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests for gun permit holder information? Like the newspaper in NY did? Which they were stupid enough to publish it instead of just turning the info over to DHS thus bringing too much attention to what was happening.
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    I am sure they already have a national list compiled with all the registered weapon owners as well as conceal carry permits The FBI probably continues to update it daily with the current gun buying binge . This administration does not need the newspapers to collect the info for them under the FOIA. "They are the Government- all knowing and all powerfull, bow to their will slave......." Obammar would love people to think that way and respond obediently!!! He would not have to worry about that silly constitution thing. Makes it easier for the round up before DHS shows us why they have been stockpiling weaps, ammo and all things needed for their little army they are building.
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    I agree with Yard Dart. There's no way that the FBI or CIA doesn't already have a list. Which means that they knew Sandy Hook was going to happen ... just a matter of time.
    Just for the record, his having Asperger's Syndrome (a form of high-functioning autism) had NOTHING to do with it. I have Asperger's, and look where I am. :rolleyes:
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    Yeah. Californi(whatever).

    Just because they know who has what guns and/or psychosis, there's little likelihood of knowing which of the many are going to go off, or where and when. The uproar following a general roundup of potential problem persons with a "pre-crime" sweep would be something to see.

    Sandy Hook pretty clearly wasn't and couldn't be specifically forecast, but something similar was and remains a concern to TPTB and us. As it should. The question is how to limit damages, not how to prevent them. Risk is life and vice versa; even a padded cell has it's limitations; somebody has to be on the outside.
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    Ya, don't get me started on the newspapers publishing permit holder information. The local paper here is STILL doing it, though at least they have finally removed the street number and SSN of the permit holder, from the results, but still provide full first/last name and zip code.

    See the "Summary" image for the results when searching by last name for Memphis (used my last name, don't know who the first entry is, but the R is me and the E is my wife)

    THe "Detail" image is the results of clicking on the "details" link.
    Now, you would know my city, state, zip, first, middle and last name along with my birth year. How hard is it to dig up more info based on that? NOT HARD AT ALL!!!

    And to think this paper thought it was OK to publish our full address but when the people in the DB published the addresses of the employees of the paper they threatened lawsuits!!
    Detail. summary.
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