Native Americans incensed over pro-gun rights billboard in Colorado Read more: http://www.foxnews.c

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  2. NotSoSneaky

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    I, for one think the message is spot on.

    However since the distaff side of my family came here from Europe in '38 this image hits home a bit more
    That could have been my Nana.
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    I come from both sides. My mom was 50% cherokee, 50% Welsh. My dad's family was Jewish from Poland and I had many family members die at Auschwitz.
  4. fmhuff

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    I've seen this and other examples all live (or should I say dead) of people who gave up their guns and paid the price.
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    I am not Native American nor do I have an issue with this billboard. I think the ones that are offended, don't understand it. It is a pretty point blank example of what happens when you trust the government. The message is simple but scary and sad. The government ruined a proud race (?). Many great ways could have been learned from the original Americans.
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  6. gunbunny

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    We are the new indians. Hate to say it, hope I don't pi$$ too many people off, but it's true.

    Next step will be to dehumanize us so that we won't give our killers nightmeres from the act of killing men, women, and children. "After all, they were less than human."
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    The plan now is to desensitize us on all the scumbag things that main stream media now supports and considers normal. You know, "Those who stand for nothing will bow to anyone".
  8. ditch witch

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    From reading the reviews I'd say the reporter had to scour the state to find an offended NA. The comments are full of "I'm Cherokee/Choctaw/Blackfoot/Ogalala/Apache and I approve this billboard."

    The only injun I know who doesn't approve is my brother and he was raised by white liberals so I told him he was a cracker by proxy.
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    So "What Exactly" is it that makes these particular "Native Americans" so upset? I read the article and it was nonsensical at best.
  10. kellory

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    I'm a Hienze 57, including two tribes of Indians, and I approved this message.
  11. Wheelsucker

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    "Hey, that's our blunt weapon of guilt! Hands off! But we'll lease the image rights to you if you'll just sign here."

    I think we are hearing from the professional, institutional whiners of the Native American Community. The same folks who want the Braves and Indians to change their names.
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  12. VHestin

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    I would think they would be in favor of it, it is a good reminder of what they suffered.
  13. BTPost

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    These are the Native American version of Jesse jackson & Al Sharpton.... The Professional Whiners....
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    I approve the message. Every time you pi$$ off a Liberal with the truth.... An Angel gets it's wings. Please help out an Angel today !!
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