NATO Jerry Cans - Brand new, never used 20L/5Gal

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    Brand New, never been used NATO Jerry cans made to the original and highest specs, measuring 468 x 345 x 165 mm, (18.425” x 13.58” x 6.496”). They hold 20 liters (5.28 gal) of liquids. Fully paint-coated inside and outside, they also have a full, internal breather pipe for splash-proof pouring.
    These are the real deal Jerry Can's that WON'T leak no matter what position you store them in, and don’t have that “CARB” compliant crap.
    These Can’s are from my personal collection.
    $70.00 + Shipping per Jerry Can.

    New NATO style spout (high quality flexible steel) sold separately for $9.00 each

    These are brand new NATO Style (pre-ban style) Jerry cans, V-mouth, New Seal, holes for locking pin, NATO style fuel can. The Jerry Can is center spline constructed and is designed to withstand a 10 foot drop full of liquid without leaking.
    This Jerry Can is NOT the CARB junk compliant model. If you have ever tried to use the CARB type fuel cans, then you'll know what a pain they are to use and how much fuel gets spilled in trying to use them.

    This is a BRAND NEW Jerry Can (Manufactured in 2008). I opened the original packaging to verify condition, and then repacked in a stronger box for reshipment.

    Locking pins not included but readily available at any hardware store for cheap.

    Two Colors to choose from, RAL-1000 or RAL-1024.
    This can is special in many ways:
    1)The wall thickness is 0.9-1mm instead of the NATO standard 0.8mm
    2)The outer paint thickness is min. 60 micron instead of standard 20-40 micron
    3)Painted on the inside as well, which means the inner surface will not rust for many years
    4)Our inner paint thickness is min. 20 micron
    5)This can will resist a 3 meter (about 10 feet) drops full of liquid without leaking.
    6)The manufacturer tested to salt water spray and 2 atmospheres pressure successfully and THESE particular NATO Style Jerry Can’s are the ONLY models approve by the Israeli military (The Israeli Military operates in some of the most extreme climate conditions of any military)
    7)Powder painted steel jerry cans
    8)Powder painting with FAPROXYD 100 resistant to ethylene.
    9) Material - pressed steel sheets.
    10) Welded on plasma machines.
    11) These Jerry Cans are suitable for:
    U95, Pb95, Pb98 (Gasoline) and Diesel

    1.DIN 7274 by TUV
    2.UN Numbers
    These certificates are accepted and recognized by all EU countries, they indicate that the product complies with all the rigid and strict safety requirements.
    This product complies with international standards and was tested to the highest standards and requirements of the Israeli Military

    US and Canadian Shipping Only.

    IMGA0118.JPG Spout.JPG Jerry Cans.JPG Jerry Can-4.JPG Jerry Can-3. IMGA0954.JPG Jerry Can-1. IMGA0126.JPG IMGA0120.JPG
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    New price
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    How for 2 shipped to 35758?
  4. Stnick

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    Are these for sale or not? I've waited 3 days for a reply. Just let me know...

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    Stnick, the person selling the Jerry Cans is unknown to any of us at SM. He joined and his 1st post was in the buy/sell/trade forum. We cannot vouch for his person and I urge you to pay heed to the Buyer Beware warning at the top of this forum. The offer to sell may be on the up and up but the mods and admins of the SM site are not able to verify the new member or the offer he has made.
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  7. Stnick

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    Okay, I understand your concern at this time regarding this new member. I have not tried to contact him directly. Thank you both for for your reply.

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    Sorry I have not been back to check on this site. I have been extremely busy at work and life in general.
    Please send me an EMAIL to if you need any.
    I'm sorry Snick I missed your post.

    Anyways, I plan on posting (not selling) on other posts to be more interactive. I'm not a business, just a guy that found some cool Jerry Cans and bought a few extra to sell. Because I couldn't find any for a long time and saw many others looking as well.

    So please email me at I check that email daily.

    If you want to verify who I am and my history of buying an selling, please check this LINK . I had over 1200 postings but they purged the older posts so now I'm down to 963. But you can verify that I'm not a business, just a guy that gets too busy.

    Thank you for your time,

    Todd Cole
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    Hello Nick,

    Shipping for two cans to 35758 is $30.00. This includes insurance up to $150.

    Do you want any nozzles? They are $9.00 each. I also have two colors to choose from. light sand and dark sand colors.

    Please email me if you post on this site. I don't check it much.

    Thank you very much

    Todd Cole
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    I still have some left. Going to finish off this batch soon at the gun show.

    Thank you
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    Hello Nick,

    Thank you for your email. Here is the shipping and cost information:

    Each Jerry can is $70.
    Each nozzle is $9

    Shipping for two Jerry can's is $26.75

    So the total for you for two jerry cans shipped to your door will be $164.75.

    This is with NO nozzles. If you want any nozzles let me know. I'll have to adjust the shipping slightly to reflect the weight difference.

    Thank you again,

    Todd Cole
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    Still have a few left.

    These are great for emergency preparedness. I keep about 100 gallons of fuel on site in these and they store very very well if you use Sta-bil.

    I cycle the gas in them once a year to keep it fresh.

    Thank you,

    Todd Cole
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    I'm out of nozzles (replying to emails sent) but have a few Jerry cans left.

    Thank you everyone for letting me post here.
    FYI my sale history (so you know I'm not a fly-by-night outfit and am just a muscle car enthusiast that wants to share some awesome cans I found) is on for over 7 years.


    Todd Cole
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    Hello again everyone,
    I will be getting more Jerry cans in very soon. I will be taking orders now. THe price is still $69 each plus shipping. Please let me know about any questions or concerns.
    Todd Cole
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    how well do these hold up compared to the plastic ones??
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