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    Hello everyone,

    Now is the time to stock up on gas before prices soar even higher!
    I sell NATO Jerry Cans. Not the CARB crap. The Jerry Cans I sell are brand new, never used. They are the same ones that the NATO armies use today so they are made to the original and highest specs. And yes they use the Jerry Cans for gas. The Jerry Cans is center spline constructed and are designed to withstand a 10 foot drop full of liquid without leaking!
    Locking pins included.
    The Jerry Cans are $69.00's each without shipping.

    I can ship to anywhere in the US and Canada. I do most of my business through my email so if you are interested please email me and I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

    Just an FYI; I use these same cans for my own personal collection. I use them for short and long term storage.

    Todd Cole
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    I am a little confused why you have 3 for sale postings for the same thing. You could have just bumped the first one to the top. Which would not have been necessary since your first for sale posting is still on the first page. Just saying.
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    The guy is just here to sell expensive gas cans. 12 out of his 16 posts are about Nato Jerrycans.
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