Recommended Nato military training and equipment user manuals

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    Yet another website with a collection of .pdfs and video clips on a wide range of contemporary military topics including communications, marksmanship, basic military skills and military equipment and weapons user manuals.

    Operation East Wind - NATO Training
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    Linky no worky Chell.
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    A large collection of US army Field Manuals downloadable in .pdf format.

    Army Field Manuals

    N.B. you may download a limited number of files subscription free per month from this site. For unrestricted downloading a paid subsciption is required.
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    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus is well worth a visit....there are a lot of resources there on typical survival and self sufficiency subjects, including a very large library of downloadable files (mainly in .pdf format) on over 40 different topic areas. Downloading is free, though the whole reference library of files is available at a reasonably modest price as a 5 DVD collection.

    Basic Urban Survival - Survival Bus Manuals Database
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    Here is site devoted to Infantry minor tactics at rifle platoon / squad level drawing upon doctrine from the relevant US Army field manuals. The military content on the site can be adapted to a more civilianised prepper context, particularly the sections devoted to security and survivability.

    You can either download the relevant web pages from Infantry Drills dot com, that are of interest to you, or you can track the relevant FM to a site that offers the downloading of the Field Manual enmass in .pdf format. The website is easy to navigate and is well illustrated with diagrams and graphics.

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