Natural born killers . . . 4% of the population, but do 50% of all killing on the battle field

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Dec 22, 2014.

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    An interesting read!! And disturbing.........
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    Firefox says its an unsafe site and won't connect?
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    Connected for me without complaint.

    If I recall correctly, there was a problem with soldiers shooting over the heads of viet cong even while being shot AT by them. Women and kids even more so. It was a documentory on this subject.
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    I got the same thing.....
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    It's an unsurprising thesis. Much of the focus on military training, particularly in MOS's that require up close and personal combat, is in reducing the inhibition in inflicting lethal force on legitimate targets; but in a controlled manner, within the framework of rules of engagement and the LOAC.

    We want our soldiers to be able to engage the enemy effectively in the combat zone, but not to lose their sanity or humanity in the process, and to return to civil society as lawful and functional citizens. It's a tough process...thankfully, many can put their sanctioned killing behind them.
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    Web page not available in Chrome.
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    Thanks bud, interesting article.
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    Lot of difference between shooting targets/animals and living breathing humans with family loved ones waiting on them. One has to adjust--die--or get his buds killed--or both.
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    Good article. I mostly agree but people can change somewhat over the years. I have read a great many forums and for lack of a better term a lot of people strut their bravado and willingness to take out the bad guy, even proclaiming their willingness to do so. But alas if this article is even somewhat accurate most of us are wrong about ourselves.

    I've been in a fair number of fist fights in my youth and not once did I use the really nasty dirty fighting I'd learned. Not one gouged eye, rock to the side of the head, broken finger, popped eardrum occurred during any of those encounters, let alone use a weapon. However as time's gone by and the worlds gotten ugly I have changed and accept doing whatever is necessary. I still measure my response but everything is now on the table. That measuring though must mean I'm not one of the four percent spoken of.
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    As a combat veteran, I can tell you that you might be surprised how you or others you think you know react. I was surprised at the number that would dive for cover , scream like girls, and fail to take proper action. In my experience you should decide in advance what you are going to do and if you will kill in combat. It is a lot harder for most people than you think. And the idea that you can return to civilian life as if nothing happened is a big misconception. It changes you. You may cope well, you may adjust well. But you are not the same inside. Also assigned Snipers have lots of trouble adjusting. They tend to live the myth.
    Everyone is going to say that they are one of the 4%. I am not sure that number is correct. Most soldiers will do their job, like it or not. I being seasoned know where I stand. Deep inside of us is the lizard brain. You may not use it in normal life. But you can learn to revert to survival mode. And many people have a heritage of warrior, mean streak they may not be aware of. But I agree that most people will avoid contact if they can. I am not going to argue with experts but I don't think you know until you know.

    In response to you comment about guys talking bravado, fmhuff. Talk is cheap. Very cheap. One or two of those guys may back it up but I would not bet a dime on any of them. They may be a decent soldier but real killers are pretty cool customers and like to let their actions speak for them.
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    I agree totally. I also know I'm not one of those 4%. There's what I call a "cold blooded killer" hiding in each of us that will accept the situation if forced to.

    Like you said, most men will do their job like it or not.
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    The movie "Saw" comes to mind.
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