Navies of 2 Koreas exchange fire near border

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    Navies of 2 Koreas exchange fire near border

    <CITE>AP โ€“ <ABBR class=recenttimedate title=2009-11-10T09:04:01-0800>13 mins ago</ABBR> </CITE>
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    SEOUL, South Korea - A badly damaged North Korean patrol ship retreated in flames Tuesday after a skirmish with a South Korean naval vessel along their disputed western coast, South Korean officials said. Full Story ยป
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    Tit for tat. Last skirmish, the NK's sunk the SK vessel.
  3. ghrit

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    There will be no change in that situation until (at least) the funny little guy with the bad haircut is offed, whether by natural causes or otherwise.
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