Navy Pilot Letter to Obama:

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    I did a quick search and did not see this on here yet. Also could not find if it is a true letter or not, but it is an interesting topic. Navy pilots are subjected to various forms of torture during survival training.

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    I believe this to be completely true! I served in the US Navy from 1967-1973, and from 1976-1994 before retiring. During the Vietnam period all sailors who were part of the "Brown Water Navy", ie on PBR's (patrol boat riverine), Swift Boats (65 footers Commanded by E-6's thru O-3's)... it was one of these that John Carey was on, and on many other odd types of makeshift boats that our forces used, these sailors who were to become part of the Brown water Navy were also sent to SERE School for the full treatment. Water boarding was used on them also. It has always been common knowledge. Ask around. Vietnam Vets should be perfectly willing to tell the truth. I have only hearsay knowledge, as both my transfer requests to "Brown Water Navy" were denied, and i just ended up on another Destroyer.
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