Navy SEAL hands Obama his arse

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gator 45/70, May 8, 2012.

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    There will always be those that take credit for work not done. Any president does nothing by himself. He must always rely on others to plan, process, gather intel, actually eliminate target, etc. All he does is act as mouthpiece and sign papers. Oh and bow down before other rulers of the world.

    If a captain is given an objective, he uses all tools at his disposal to get it done. The tools being soldiers equipped with comms, vehicles, weapons and recon. Then when the smoke clears, the captain is given credit for a job well done. Then if he is a great leader, he will turn around and thank his soldiers for their dedication and hardwork. It was their duty to follow orders and meet the objective, that much is true. However, if your leader recognizes your contribution to the mission, you will most definitely do your best to always make sure the end result is success.

    Politicians always try to shine in other's accomplishments. That is the nature of the beast. Most are crooked, blowhards that will use talk, guile or deceit to make it look like they work really hard while actually just padding their pockets and keeping themselves in the spotlight. Bush, Lincoln, Washington, Obama and all the other presidents have all one thing in common that is the very root of this nation. It is one thing that most of Americans have forgotten. That thing is the simple fact that no matter how expensive the suit, silver the tongue or party affiliation, The American People are boss.

    The oath states that I follow the orders of the president of the United States. Who gives him his orders? If people would wake up, they would realize they do. Politicians for the most part have run rampant over the constitution and work only so their own stars will shine. Lazy Americants have allowed this for way too long and then wonder why restrictions are so heavy upon their brow. You get what you give.
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    I hit the like button on your last paragraph T.M.Hell...
    What i'm seeing is the military guy's are pizzed...
    Which is a good thing nowday's...
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    He wears his true colors regarding his character, and I am very thankful for it.
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