Navy SEAL: 'There's guilt in this administration' 700 special forces veterans demand Congressuncover

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    Navy SEAL: 'There's guilt in this administration'
    700 special forces veterans demand Congress uncover Benghazi truth

    More than 700 special operations veterans are demanding that the House of Representatives convene a special committee to uncover the answers to lingering questions about the Benghazi terrorist attacks almost seven months after the violence killed a U.S. ambassador and three others, including two Navy SEALs.

    The veterans group Special Operations Speaks sent a letter to House leaders after previous inquiries revealed virtually no new information.

    “I don’t anything significant has been learned except that what is to be learned is of sufficient importance that the administration is pulling out all the stops to hide it,” said retired U.S. Navy captain and SEAL Larry Bailey, who is also the co-founder of Special Operations Speaks.

    As a result, Special Operations Speaks is now demanding that House leaders convene a special select committee to answer critical questions once and for all. The letter includes 16 key questions that the veterans believe need better answers, ranging from what resources were available in the region to why they weren’t used to the minute-by-minute actions taken by top officials here in Washington.

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    Agreed. Now, holding their feet to the fire will prove to be a near impossible task. This is a corporate oligarchy, a government turned tyrannical, and it is supported by every official media outlet, all areas of influence, and backed mostly by an ignorant voter base which is too divided and distracted to even care. Good luck. Personally, I think this is just one more brick in the wall of Slavery, Inc. Add it to the mortar of September 11th, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, 7-7 London, and any other event in which government has profited from terror.
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