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  1. A "prepneck" is nothing more than a redneck prepper.

    Hi guys and gals. My name is Chris and I live in North Carolina. I was in the Navy for ten years and worked as a Govt contractor for 3 more. after that I was a mechanic on heavy equipment and now I am a disabled vet due to complications from injuries during my service. I have a wife and 3 wonderful children and they mean more than anything to me. I decided it is time to become a prepper because I have always believed in being ready for anything but with the state of affairs in America it is way past time to make ready and have a plan for SHTF. I grew up in Kentucky on a farm so I am experienced with hunting, fishing, preparing and raising meat, and vegetables. I look forward to finding like minded people in my area and learning a thing or two during my stay! Thanks for having me guys...
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    Welcome aboard (from a fellow NC'er).
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    Welcome to the monkey!
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    welcome. if you wish to see who might be around your area, this members map has just been started. Most people are marking their general area, (not their actual location) mine's marked a couple of miles off.
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    Welcome to the ttree there are several NC preppers here
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    Welcome to the Monkey tree, from another Tarheel.
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    WoooHoo Another NC Monkey!!!! Sum Day Our Numbers Will Rival Those Of The Great Mitten!!! Welcome to the Tree, pull up a limb, grab yerself a nanner & sit a spell.
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome y'all.
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    Welcome from Bama, I added my location to the map. Thats pretty cool, Thanks for sharing the link.
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