ND next state to adopt Constitutional Carry. Iowa next?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Legion489, Mar 25, 2017.

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    Still waiting in Tennessee for somebody in the state legislature to actually read the US Constitution.
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    I am very proud to say our state, Idaho, is a 'Constitutional Carry' and it was endorsed and even championed by many of the Sheriffs here. Our County Sheriff did. Strange that we have to pass a law to ensure the Constitution is upheld.
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    Go iowa!
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    How do you handle the reciprocity rights that exist with licensed concealed carry? It would seem that you would need some paper showing that you are legit in those states that still require credentials.
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    Most States that are Constitutional Carry, that used to be " By Permit only" keep the Permit Statute on the books, for reciprocity reasons.... That is what Alaska does...
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    I would think all you would need is a drivers license from a constitutional carry state, but I'm sure that would be contested.
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    The BIGGEST PRO-GUN BILL in Iowa history, cutting back 60 years of unconstitutional gun bills, passed! While this is good, we still have to keep fighting to regain what was lost. For example, Iowa was an free and open carry state until 1958, when the uniformed thugs figured out they could make millions selling carry permits, and did, until the corruption literally got so bad the legislature was forced to step in. If you think that "corruption" is too harsh, go read what the law makers themselves called it! Sheriffs were openly selling permits to carry and refusing and harassing people who were exposing them. One case, which went to court, was so egregious that the law makers were forced to step in finally.

    Oh yes, Wimpy Winshitz in the video below was "100% for the bill", when it became obvious his long time anti-gun stand was going to get him fired, yet he fought every pro-gun measure in the bill tooth and nail until it was obvious even to him that it was going through with major support. Even now he has to take a pot shot at the group that nearly cost him the re-election (he only won, by a narrow margin, when he "changed his views" during the campaign and suddenly claimed to be "pro-gun" and for this bill) for his anti-Constitutional views.

    I should add that in the papers (no "news" in them) that the minority speaker Hogg (commie- IA) stated "Iowans do not need a bill (law) to up hold their Constitutional Rights." He went on to say, in so many words of course, that if the demonrats are going to ignore the Federal Constitution, the State Constitution and the will of the people, it didn't matter what some law said, they would ignore it anyway, just as the demonrat State Attorney Gen. openly stated that he will not enforce pro-gun bills he doesn't like or force local or county governments to obey state laws. Ain't life grand.


    We've cleared all the legislative hurdles. Passed all the subcommittees, committees and floor votes. Now the biggest pro-Second Amendment bill in the history of our state is one signature away from being law.

    Following an epic set of closing comments from Rep. Matt Windchitl the Iowa House of Representatives passed House File 517 for the final time, concurring with the Senate and sending HF517 to Governor Terry Branstad. Governor Branstad's office has indicated he plans to sign the bill into law this week.

    Once the bill is signed by the governor two provisions, Permit Privacy and Supervised Youth Handgun Training, will be effective immediately. The rest, Stand Your Ground, SBRs/SBSs, Emergency Powers, and so on, will go into effect on July 1st.
    Windschitl: "Iowa gun owners are being lied to"


    Representative Windschitl's closing remarks on House File 517 have caused quite a stir throughout the state. Windschitl called out the Iowa Gun Owners (IGO) group for lying to thousands of Iowans. Windschitl noted that despite their claims of being the driving force behind HF517, Iowa Gun Owners and their leaders never once spoke up about HF517, Stand Your Ground or any other provision of HF517 during the multiple subcommittees and public comment periods. IGO never registered as an organization in favor of the gun bill (here's the list of everyone who actually declared for or against HF517) and most shockingly IGO isn't even registered as a lobbying organization in the State of Iowa. We've uploaded Rep. Windschitl's comments to our YouTube page.

    Windschitl's epic closing comments caused enough stir that KCRG's Forrest Saunders did some digging and found even more concerning information on the Iowa Gun Owners organization.

    Tax documents from 2014 show Iowa Gun Owners made more than $293,000-- mostly from grants and contributions. All but about $13,000 was spent. The majority of the money went to list email fees, direct mail fees and postage.
    There was no compensation listed for any employees, including Director Dorr, despite claiming he works 70 hours per week.
    KCRG-TV9 asked Dorr about the amount of time he works for the group without payment. He called the question “hostile” and declined to answer, except through email.

    Word is getting out about who's actually fighting for your rights in Des Moines and who's continually blowing hot air. Please keep spreading the word about the Iowa Firearms Coalition!
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