Neat little folding stove

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by BAT1, Jan 9, 2010.

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  2. dragonfly

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    I like the bigger versions, that use sterno/etc....
    A heckuva lot easier to set any decent sized pot or pan on, as opposed to those esbit or sterno types....!
    And, they are built of heavier gauge steel and should last a lot longer too.
    I got the Coghlan's brand.
    I also carry the smaller esbit type on my pistol belt, in a pouch with extra fuel tabs, just in case I should ever need one....
  3. Seawolf1090

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    I have that red steel folding stove - works okay. Sterno doesn't 'cook' very well, it's intended for warming. GI Hexamine or Triox bars work better for actually boiling water for cooking. We can also use charcoal or wood in these stoves.

    I have a lighter aluminum folder from our local Publix grocery store - it works okay too.
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    New U.S. Military M1950 Gas Stove - 144022, Mess Kits & Cooking at Sportsman's Guide

    For those collectors out there. I foresee the need to have a stove which burns standard gasoline, utilizing the siphon technique Mad-Max style while traveling. I own a Coleman stove which is similar, but the one I just linked is smaller and fits quite well inside a pack. Of course, it's expensive...which is why I cannot justify owning one myself.
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  5. dragonfly

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    I found a great recipe for making my own sterno fuel...One problem I ran into was metric conversion/ounces...Not being into metric, makes it difficult.I made a mess the first couple times.
    It involves simple chemicals like: water, chalk (calcium carbonate), and vinegar..
    The nasty is/was the methanol to make it burn.
    Expensive for a gallon, and flammable, (not nearly as bad as acetone!).
    I planned on making 4-6 quart sized cans, and 2-1 gallon sized cans....
    Not sure, as "Seawolf1090" stated, they are not as hot burning as would be needed for real cooking, especially in any quanity!
  6. Seawolf1090

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    Test the factory Sterno vs.alcohol or other fuels - not nearly as efficient. Takes much longer to heat a couple cups of water! Been there, done that. ;)
  7. BAT1

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  8. Check out the Grover Rocket Stove; burns wood very efficiently. Or make your own rocket stove out of stove pipe. They are used all over the world.

    Grover Rocket Stove - Preparedness Saves The Day

    They also have an oven option. Very little wood used; just need sticks or kindling.
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    We keep tiny folders in each BOB and loads of tabs. They are my back ups for bad weather cooking. One cannot beat a "Dakota Hole" for fuel efficiency, very little smoke, and small thermal image. When car camping sometimes I use a "hobo stove" from a gallon can. Cut holes around the top, 4X4 door in the bottom, and presto-you have a grill on top that you can cook bacon, eggs, toast, etc. on.
  12. bnmb

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  13. Seawolf1090

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    Me likey too! Might just have to order one...... ;)
  14. Hispeedal2

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    I've been looking at these things in Backwoodsman magazine for years. I finally ordered 2 through Amazon- turned out I was ordering from Sportsman's Guide and they were back-ordered.

    I hope they come soon. All the reviews on YouTube look good:

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  15. bnmb

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    Neat thing...but I think I like that Vargo thingy better...I think I just might go DIY on it..
  16. fwilliam1

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    I picked up two Swiss "Volcano" stoves complete with aluminum water bottles for 19.99 from Sportsmans Guide. They nest together and operate using whatever sticks, twigs or debris that you can find. Reminds me of a deluxe hobo stove.

    I find them to be handy when fuel is hard to find.
  17. Outback Jack

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  18. JaxShooter

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    I like the weight of the Vargo much more than the other stoves. :) 4 oz is a lot better than 2 or 10 lbs. I have a Vargo Ti alcohol stove that works very well. I really do need to look at a wood stove. All of my small stoves use alcohol or white gas.
  19. soonerjlc

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    Thanks for these links, I am new to this forum and am a novice in getting preps set up. Nice to have honest input based on actual expereince.
  20. oth47

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    I like the looks of that Vargo thing myself,but I wouldn't pay 57.95 to see a pissant eat a hay bale.57.95 will buy a lot of trioxane or sterno or coffee to make a stove out of the can..seems like the simpler the stove the higher the price.
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