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  1. Cousin Jack

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    Just have to share...

    A number of years ago, I was sent to Kentucky on a business trip. While there, I decided to visit a state park located in Perryville. Apparently it was the site of a bloody Civil War battle (8000 casualties).

    I was really excited about visiting this park, remembering that one of my great, great grandfathers had fought in the Civil War.

    I was the only one there that day. It was Autumn, and all the leaves were off the trees. It was grey and overcast. The perfect environment to let your imagination run wild.

    I remember a low stone wall, large hardwood trees, and rolling hills. There were three or four cannon placements still there. One was located at the top of a large, steep hill. I decided to run to the top of that hill, to take pictures...siting down the cannon barrel.

    Damn! That was a tiring run.

    Amazingly, there was limestone bedrock still stained brown from the blood of soldiers, and there was still evidence of wounds left in some of the older trees by bullets fired some 140 years ago.

    Simply amazing, I thought to myself.

    After returning home, I searched the internet for information on the battle that occurred at Perrysville. I found a copy of a diary written by a soldier who had fought there. The thing that stood out the most in his writings was the description of a steep hill he and his brothers in arms were running up.

    "It was almost impossible to run. The hill was made too slippery by the blood of fallen soldiers" ...The very hill I ran up.


    Just this weekend, I was researching information on my Great, Great Grandfather Frederick William. He is of particular interest to me, because Fredrick was a Wisconsin volunteer who fought in the Civil War.

    Anyways, through my research, I learned that Frederick had fought in one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War...The Battle for Perryville in Kentucky. :shock:

    Fredrick was shot in the abdomin and left for dead at Perryville. He survived his wounds.

    I had been walking the very same ground that my great, great Grandfather, 140 years earlier, had been fighting a bloody and horrifying battle...and never realized that he had even been there!
  2. Clyde

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    Great story.
  3. RightHand

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    As a believer in the ethereal, I think you may have been guided by a loving great-grandfather who wanted to pass his history on to you.
  4. Cousin Jack

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    The Battle for Perryville occured in October of 1862....Guess which month I happened to visit the battle field?
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    That's pretty cool CJ. I have some pics but no real stories about my CW ancestors. I'll dig out what I have someday
  6. E.L.

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    Awesome. I will have to reread through my ancestors history, and see if any of our clan fought there.
  7. poacher

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    Thats quite a story have you thought about going back esp if you could print some of the diaries off or other things that you can reference? In my family my grandfather and great grandfather passed down journels and it's amazing to read thru them when I go back to where they lived and occasionally take them out and reference places they talk about. They lived on the OK border and last summer I found an old dugout house that my grandfather talked about. When I went back farther I found that my Great grandfather had dug it out till he was able to build a cabin.
    The only down side I can think of is that it's a tradition in the family that you don't usually start doing the journal till your about 65-70. I can only imagine what they have forgotten.
    Take care Be safe Poacher.
  8. Cousin Jack

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    Yes, I have thought of it...Especially since it is so beautiful down there. On my original business trip, I stayed in a small town that was the birthplace of Davey Crockett (I think it was Crockett anyway...maybe it was Daniel Boone).

    I also learned the probable spot where my great, great Grandpappy had fallen in action!
  9. Quigley_Sharps

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    Great Story CJ
    My family was on the Southern side and I know almost nothing about them.
    Just a few hand me down stories.
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