Need a BOV? Got a 1967 Totota Land Cruiser For Sale.

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by UncleMorgan, May 31, 2015.

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    I have a friend of thirty+ years who has had some unexpected medical bills. Mr. Ted has decided to sell his 1967 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser which has the original RH Drive. He bought it from the family that bought it new and handed it down a couple of times. It's mechanically sound and runs well. The upholstery is pretty much worn out, and it could use a new coat of paint and some light body work.The the body is straight. The vehicle has never been wrecked but it does have some superficial rust. The right front turn light is broken--other than that everything works. This is a pre-computer Land Cruiser that would make a good BOV, which is why he bought it. It's easy to work on, and easy to keep running, which is why it still is. It's priced at $5,200.00 and has a clear title. I should have some pictures in a day or so that I can post. And I can check on the mileage. Anyone interested, please PM me. I'm handling this for him because he's a pre-computer model himself and can't hardly open his email without the help of an educated nine-year-old.
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    Where is it, +/- OPSEC? (Near what city, or something.)
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    Old FJ-40's are the best!! In my humble opinion, of course!!
  4. UncleMorgan

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    OP-SEC is no problem, and neither is my true identity.

    The Land Cruiser is in Humboldt, Nebraska, but I'll personally drive it anywhere in the US (except California and New Jersey) to deliver it if I have to.

    Humboldt is in the SE corner of NE. I'm in Florida, but I driven longer distances for lesser friends.

    If anyone wants it that lives in Cal or Jersey, they'll have to meet me across the State line. That way I won't have to burn my boots.
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    I look forward to the pictures!!!
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    Pictures at last, plus a little more information on the condition of the Land Cruiser. It has a 1967 original engine that was overhauled in 1973. It has a good bit of superficial surface rust where the paint is checked and weathered, especially on the back door. There are several small areas that are rusted through, mostly around the rocker panels, and a few under the back door. One hinge (under the spare tire) is damaged but can be taken off and fixed. It just makes closing he back door a little bit difficult at the moment. The turn signal that is damaged is on the back left side. I may have understood that wrong. I think it's the taillight, kind of hanging down. The body is straight, and all the window glass is all unbroken. The white square in the windshield is the registration, posted on the sun visor. Both visors are down to show they are good and still work. The tread on the tires is pretty good. Definitely not worn out or close to. I did find out that not everything works: the brakes (themselves) are good, but it needs new brake lines. I forgot to ask about the master cylinder, but my advice would be to replace it as a matter of course. In fact, I'd recommend a complete rework on the hydraulics, including the slave cylinders. The brakes shoes and drums are apparently still good.

    Ted didn't say anything about the muffler/exhaust system, so that pretty much means they're good. Certainly no cracked manifolds or dragging mufflers. He did say it starts easily and runs well, and the 4WD works perfectly.

    The upholstery on the front seat is completely worn out, and is presently covered by a blanket.The rest of the interior is mostly painted metal, and needs repainting. I don't know if it has a headliner, but if it does it's still in place and generally okay. It wasn't mentioned, and if it were gone it would have been.

    The vehicle is registered at the moment, and operable. It just needs the brakes fixed to be okay for the highway, plus the insurance renewed. Ted did tell me that the "guy he buys his parts from" offered him $2200.00 for it, sight unseen. He's also turned down at least one tirekicker that wanted to buy it for a whole $1500.00.

    Anyhow, here's three pics, they had really good detail, so they should blow up nice.

    (Checked. They do. That raggedy white stuff hanging down inside in the rear view is a mass of maps & insurance papers clipped on the inner side of the sun visor. Looks like roof liner, but it's not.)

    Truck1. Truck2. Truc3.
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  7. UncleMorgan

    UncleMorgan I like peeling bananas and (occasionally) people.

    Just talked to Ted today. He saw the post. I hadn't really expected him to, and hadn't mentioned to him that I was willing to deliver the Land Cruiser. He told me he'd deliver it anywhere in the Lower 48, for actual gas money. Or to the Canadian Border, if it's headed for points north. That was a surprise, because he has reasons to hang close with his family at the moment. But apparently he could make it happen.
  8. UncleMorgan

    UncleMorgan I like peeling bananas and (occasionally) people.

    Happy Days! The Land Cruiser has been sold. A collector bought it and I didn't have to deliver it.
    So, I guess that's the end of this thread, and a happy ending it is!
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