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Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by dragonfly, Jul 23, 2011.

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    Having dealt with some serious nasty as of late ( MRSA) and the types of bandages being used in the treatment ( outside of prescriotion meds)...
    I was wondering:
    Anyone here have knowledge of the making of an "ionic silver" solution, then impregnating it into either sterile gauze pads, or into a gelatin (pectin) based "film" which could be used?

    I am now familiar with a few types:
    "Aquacel" a felt like material that is impregnated with 1.2% ionic silver.

    "Iodoform Packing" a strip type of the aforementioned "Aquacel" sewn into 1/2 inch wide x 5 yds. of packing strip material.

    "Surgicel Nu Knit" which is a coarse woven yellowish material that clots blood and dissolves into a jelly.

    "Silvasorb" a thin gelatin type of media that also dissolve into the wound and absorbs bacteria and drainage.

    "AMD" which is a silver impregnated gauze pad/s that also absorbs and contains all sorts of bacteria and draiange.

    Plus a new one to add: "Repara"- "a calcium alginate wound dressing" that is also a gauze padding type that is imprteganated and aids in healing and containing bacteria media.

    All but one have some form of ionized silver in them, but to only a maximum of 1-2% total. I figure that should NOT be too hard to replicate, but the sterility of the product is the concern there.
    Anyone have any ideas on this?
    A sterilizing chamber such as an "autoclave" would not be hard to build, but the question becomes the mnaging the sterility afterwards, and the media for the silver to adhere to, as well as the silver itself....
    Just wondering out loud here!
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    Unfortunatly I'm not knowledgable in this but very interested in the replies.
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    Take some silver and put it in water. Put three 9v batteries in series to get 27 volts.Put one lead in one end of the vessel, and the other lead at the other end. The electrolosis will infuse the silver into the water. Takes a couple of weeks to a month, and you will have a silver solution. OR and listen to DR Bill Deagle on GCN radio network at 3pm CMT.
    He has some advanced nutracuticals for about anything.
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    On the internet, I have read from 9 volts to 30 volts and no one seems really sure as they are confused with particles as opposed to ions....The TEM (electron microscopy) that shows particulates is NOT what is really important, only confusing to most.....There was one unit I saw that has not only a constant current supply, at the "optimum" voltage ( whatever the heck that is) and has a stirring motor and rod to keep the particles from re-attaching to each other, as well as 2 probes to monitor the ACTUAL percentage of ionozed silver in the water! But they run from $229 up.....
    I see a lot of internet "blogs" about how an 11 year old can make collodial silver with a single 9 volt battery and some silver wire...I got "booted" from a couple for asking what they were using for the cathodes......
    It seems NOT one person that made all the vids ( youtube) and so on, had no idea that there is a GREAT difference from an anode and a cathode, and only one person knew which was which and why!
    Kind of a misinformation cluster of junk.....Most people that "post" their ideas are based on what they heard, NOT what they have done or have ANY real knowledge of! Sad!
    I'd have to go with the unit that actually measures the amount of silver in the water, not time....time is based on a variety of things:
    1) Purity of silver, 2) pure distilled water, 3) voltage used
    Too many variables to get reliable or consistent results.
    One place says 1-9 volt battery, one says 2- 9 volt batteries another says 3, and another says 4. The reason for the disparity is that few realize that the batteries will drop (voltage) quickly in a short period of time....
    Now the one that says they use 4, base that decision on the loss of the voltage they say must be at least 30 volts and 4 x 9 = 36 they "allow" for the "drop". I have seen people using 12 volt car batteries, a 110 volt a/c battery charger, a train transformer, even those 6 volt lantern batteries, some wired in series, and some wired in parallel!
    It's confusing!
    As for the silver, of course you want the purest (.999) you can get,,BUT I have seen those that say you can use a pre 1964 coin!
    I wouldn't go there!
    Silver wire, perhaps, or a silver ingot or bar would be the best?
    I'm guessing here!
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  6. dragonfly

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    Awesome! Thanks Sea!
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