Need EDC fixed blade. Kydex sheath w/ belt clip

Discussion in 'Blades' started by xspecimen, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. xspecimen

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    My Monkey Friends,

    I have been searching for an EDC fixed blade with Kydex sheath and belt clip, not a belt loop. I thought that I would reach out and see what suggestions you might have. The price needs to be middle of the road, lower the better. Trying to save money now for a farming tractor.

    Thank you in advance,

  2. m 99

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    You might want to look at a spyderco Bill Moran drop point. This knife comes with a nice kydex sheath with a belt clip. Its pretty good knife for the money and holds a good edge. For edc its not to big and will not stick out like a sore thumb. As a factory knife i really like mine. The handle has a rubber inlay so wet or dry your hand will not slip. Also a bush monkey knife ( my next knife purchase ) the scandi grind on them are a little different to sharpen (google it. pretty easy to do plus can be sharpen in the field in a pinch) and they are hand made. You can buy a cheap knife and break it and buy another cheap knife. Or buy a good one one time and have it for ever. A dull knife will cut you before a sharp one will just saying. Good luck.
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  3. limpingbear

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    You also might want to check out cold steel. I bought thier Kobun tanto a few years ago for like 40 dollars. kydex sheath with a clip. The clip hold very well too. It may be a little on the large side for EDC but that depends on where you are.
  4. Frisian

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    I will second the Cold Steel Kobun. IMO For the money its one of the better values in the blade market.

    However, if your budget allows, I'm quite fond of the Bark River Bravo 1. Ck it out, one hell of a knife.
  5. xspecimen

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    M 99,

    I am with you on the Bush Monkey. I really like the Javelina.

  6. Alpha Dog

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    One nice knife I have and it has a belt clip is the Smith & Wesson HRT I think it comes in 2 or 3 different sizes. price isn't two bad I think I paid $25.00 for mine It's small easy to conceal holds a edge.
  7. Mudinyeri

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    Buy the knife you like and then make a Kydex sheath for it yourself.
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