Need gas range with NO glowbar ignition

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by fensterbaby, May 26, 2014.

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    I am off-grid in Alaska and in need of a gas range. Most ranges now use a glowbar for oven ignition which draws a huge amount of power when using the oven. It's proving difficult to find alternatives.

    I need an oven that uses either a direct spark ignition or pilot lights. I would rather not use pilots to conserve propane.

    The range should not draw more than a small amount of power. Bells and whistles not important.

    Home Depot sells a Premier stove that has battery generated spark ignition. No pilot, no power cord. That would be ideal but reviews indicate that build quality is questionable.

    Any options out there?

    If you know of a stove that might work please specify model # as well as make.
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    I also live out in the Bush of Alaska..... At my Beach Cabin, we have a 4 Burner Propane Stove with Oven that was designed for an RV, or Large Camper installation. So far, we have never used the Oven, but the stove is Piezoelectric Ignition, and the Oven lights with a easy to use match, that was lite off one of the burners. We bought the Setup from an RV Supply Place and then had it shipped up to our place, on a barge. it is not that heavy, (maybe 40-50#) and easy to build into a Kitchen Cabinet, like in the Picture......
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    Get one with electronic ignition and just do not plug it up. That way you can light it by hand. A bit inconvenient but uses no electricity or propane for a pilot. We dumped our pilot for an electric spark model to keep heat down in the summer and avoids keeping three pilots going all the time. BT, nice looking cabinet frames. Will be moving our cabin back onto the farm this summer and using RV equipment for the kitchen/bath.
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    @-06 You like my 2X4/4X4/1/2" Plywood Cabinetry ....... That was my first excursion into Cabinetry Making..... I went into the Cannery Carpenter Shop and spent a week, cutting all the Framing, Drawers, and Facings. Then preassembled it all, to make sure it al fit together, right, as per the CADD Drawings, for the Cabin. Then I took it all apart, and loaded into a skiff for the 1.5 mile ride down to the Beach Cabin. Then Reassembled it all, in-place, in the cabin, and it pretty much fit as built. A CabinetMaker, I am not, but I can use a Saw and ScrewGun. These days I can drive the Rhino down to the cabin, with out dealing with the skiff, and Tides. Much easier, and quicker. It is amazing what a Driveway, $15KUS can build. Next time I am down there I will take pictures of the finished product.... That Pict was done in 2003....
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    Wouldn't electronic ignition mean a glow bar for the oven which would need electricity?
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    You might want to look at Lehman's catalog. It is directed to serve the Amish in the Midwest and elsewhere.
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