Need help choosing a muzzle loader?

Discussion in 'Turf and Surf Hunting and Fishing' started by groovy mike, Mar 11, 2008.

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    I posted asking for advice on buying my last muzzle loader in the firearms section:

    But I want this to be a working gun for putting meat on the table so I thought I might pick up a few more readers in the surf n turf forum.

  2. monkeyman

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    As far as brands I have had a coupe ofthe CVAs and been happy with them. Both surpriseingly accurate.

    As far as cal., mine have been .50 cals but if I was geting one now I would go for the .45s. Aside from the fact you can get handgun reloading bullets to shoot out of it, you can also get .410 shotgun wads and a sack of shot and use the .45 as a sctter gun for small game at clsoe range.

    As far as the type. I would either go for the inlines since they shoot almost like a modern rifle rather than the delayed snap.....boom of most of the offset ones. I like the ones that use the #9 shotgun primers since theyare a LOT easier to find and cheaper than the other types so are easier to stock up on. If on the other hand you wanted to get your molds for your own bullets and learn to make your own powder and bullets then you might do well to look at a good flint lock since if you make your own pullets and powder then you coud feed one of those even after all the primers and such dried up.

    A couple of other types you could look into if you had more money to spend could be the double bareled front stuffers so you would have a back up shot. Other than thatyou could also find one of the old revolving rifles. They used the revolver cylenders like the handguns with a rifle barrel and stock so you get 6 shots AND some of them are evenset up so you can switch the cylender fairly quick and easy so you could load an additional 6 shots in about the time or less it would take to load 1 shot in a normal muzzel loader.

    What role exactly do you want it to fill? If its for fun/sport now then would be good but I know I had considered one quite a bit for after ammo ran out for a survival gun in a long term SHTF situation BUT unless its a flint lock and you are able to make your own bullets and powder then once the primers run out your done with the muzzel loader also. So I figure if you have the materials and are gonna learn to do the powder and bullets on your own then a flintlock would be good for this, otherwise, for the price of a good muzzel loader you could get a case or 3 of modern ammo for a large bore rifle (7.62x39 or .223, etc) and you can buyloaded .22 ammo for around the price of the primers shot for shot. So you would likely be better of IF its for survival, to just spend the money on additional ammo for modern guns IMHO.
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    I really like the CVA also. I like the classic look. I picked one up at a gun show as a lark. I think I paid $60 for it. I got to where I could put every shot in a paper plate at 100 yards. I used it to hunt deer with for years. Great gun for the price.
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    I've shot ML's for 30+ years. The gun that I am shoting in my avetar I first shot when I was 6 years old. But I read your other thread and don't think I can give much advice, because I have never shot an inline and that sounds like what you want. I'm a tradisionalist and not even found of percusions. :) My Dad use to always tell me that nipples are for weman. [lolol]

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    I'm a T/C guy. I like the Encore 209-50. Uses shotgun primers more reliable in my opinion than cap loaders. If you want it solely for hunting and want to also be able to buy other rifle and shotgun barrels it's a good choice. I'll also hunt with a flint lock and do not feel disadvantaged. Encore is a bit on the expensive side, if your budget minded, a CVA [no experience] should/would be just fine.
  6. Quigley_Sharps

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    TC omega with the Nikon Omega scope with has the hold over marks matched to the TC omega ML
    or the optima
    If you want a high performance look at the
    they make the long range ML nobody can beat for the money.

    I have an old TC Hawkin 54 percussion that I use in Oregon hunts and it is a killing machine.
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