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Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by Bandit99, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. Bandit99

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    I have purchased a second Baofeng UV-5R radio and a cloning cable. I followed the directions below without success. I also tried holding down the EXIT key in place of the MONI key without success. I suppose the cable could be bad... Does anyone know how to clone these radios?

    This is off the Baofeng website
    Procedure: Cloning Radios
    1. Attach the cloning cable to both the Reference and Copy radios by inserting the adapters into each radio’s respective accessory cable ports.
    2. Turn on the Copy radio (the radio that is being cloned to).
    3. Turn on the Reference radio (the radio that is being cloned from) while holding down the [MONI] button.
    4. The Reference radio should show COPYING in the display, and if the connection is successful, the LED will start flashing red to indicate data transfer. The Copy radio’s LED should be flashing green at the same time to indicate that it is receiving data.
    5. When the LEDs on both radios turn off, the radios will restart, and the cloning operation will be completed.

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  3. Bandit99

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    @AD1 Actually, no I haven't because I thought it would not be necessary. However, I will certainly try it if no one knows the correct procedure to clone. I can't imagine why cloning doesn't work...unless the newer version firmware don't support it, can't find anything about via google so...
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    Yeah, what AD1 said.

    If you have the 777 or 888 UHF models, you can program them for a scrambled channel. It's only voice inversion, but most people haven't a clue with their "bubble pack" radios that they purchased from Wally World. It would be impossible for them to listen in as it's doubtful those radios have the same feature.

    I've never cloned them directly either (777 and 888s). I've also had no luck using Chirp to program these models and have always had to rely on the Baofeng factory programming software. Some functions you have to find out what they do by trial and error because they make little sense.

    I also have a UV-82 that appears to have no programming software from Baofeng. For that radio I've always had to use Chirp.

    Sum total of my experience with Baofeng radios.
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    I'm with AD, chirp rocks. Having said that, I sent Baofeng an email when I had a problem programming my UV-5 and I got an answer from a tech in three hours or so. That company is wonderful.
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  6. BTPost

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    You have to be careful with the Programming Cables, as many are NOT made with the REAL FDDI USB chipsets, and if the USB Driver uses the FDDI Firmware, and you have one of the Chinese Clone Chipsets things go wrong....
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  7. AD1

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    You Have to spend the $20 on Amazon to get the correct cable.

    I have the link to that innthe blog post
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  8. William Warren

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    Please tell us where you got the cable: I haven't found a source for one. TIA.

    William Warren
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  10. Bandit99

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    @William Warren
    AD1 has it right. Amazon. The link below is what I purchase but give me a bit to make sure my problem is NOT my cable. I have a friend coming Monday night to take the radio and clone it. His cloning worked last time for me so we can ensure it is not the cable at that time. I think it is either a bad cable or bad socket on the new radio.
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  11. AD1

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    Make sure you really push the cable in completely. That has been an issue with programing mine.
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  12. William Warren

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    Thanks for the link. After reading about problems with "clone" cables, I'm looking for a specific model that you've used.

    BTW, it looks like the clone (not the "programming") cables don't have any chips; i.e., that they're simply "back to back" connectors. Is that correct?

    William Warren
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  13. T. Riley

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    Use Chirp all the time and it works even between different models all with the same cable.
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  14. AD1

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  15. kellory

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    I got one of the Chinese (programming) copies, the first time. It lasted about 15 seconds, then "POOF "smoke.
    I agree, good quality cables are a must.
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  16. whynot

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    Best advise so far is BTPost's "make sure you have a real cable" and use Chirp. Been here and got the button on programming and cloning and that was the solution in the end for me.

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  17. Bandit99

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    @William Warren Yes, that is correct. The CLONE cable is a plain old 'back-to-back' cable as you said. The PROGRAMMING cable is the one you have to be careful to get the correct one as many do not work. It has the chip in it. This programming cable is used with CHIRP. The clone cable simply inserts into each radio, turn on the radio while holding a specific key and the settings from one radio is transferred to the other.
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