NEED HELP!!!! Re-Cycling Carbon Monoxide into Oxygen?

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    I don't know if this is right place for this,but here is my question.
    I have been looking for some equipment that can recycle human carbon dioxide back into oxygen.They have them for the space station ( Life Support Systems in Space ) and was wondering if anyone knows of something that could be put into an underground bunker?I am interested in this in the case of SHTF and intruders onto property happen to find my fresh air supply and try to block it off to force me and others out of our safe location.I guess my Google-Foo is not up to par as can't seem to find anything that is made for civilian use?Any ideas or suggestions will be of great use in this dilemma.
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    google rebreathers, or air scrubbers.[beat][bow]
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    We got a couple of Monkeys who were submariners who might be able to give you some technical advice...
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    We didn't have a means to convert CO2 to O2, and as far as I know there's nothing available that will do that other than green plants. Some of the newer boats had electrolytic separation of O2 from H2O, but we used oxygen generator "candles" and CO2 scrubbers (chemical reactors) to remove the CO2.

    BTW, converting CO into O2 ain't gonna work, and it won't be absorbed the same way that CO2 would be.
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    spirulina, look it up
    nasa has worked with it
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    why not consider a second or third location for additional air inlets further aweay from your shelter and add an air pump, manual/battery to pull additional air from the outside? it's cheaper in the long run and gives you some redundacy...
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    In addition to multiple air inlets i'd have a way to block some of them off sealig air tight because instead of blocking your air inlet they might want to pump something bad down there instead.
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    Lithium Canisters are the Accepted Way for scrubbing CO2 from the Air. (Think Apollo13) It is the usual case, that for underground facilities, ALL Air Intakes and Exhaust Ports need Positive Sealing Valves, that can be used to completely seal off those Ports, in event that they are compromised. Also it is a GOOD Design feature, to have a Liquid Drain built in, that can handle any, and ALL inducted Water, into the facility, preferably one that does NOT require a Powered Pump. ..... YMMV...
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    Make your own CO2 scrubber.
    The bigger setup you build,the better and longer lasting.
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    A major difference between a bomb shelter and a bunker is one has slots so you can see and shoot.
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