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    I live in the modern world. I have natural gas so when things get chilly I just turn up the thermostat. For my back up I have a second panel on my house that I can connect my generator to. My generator can only run half the house. I have two furnaces so one furnace will run as long as I have gas to run the generator. In case of long term heating without natural gas I am very unprepared-no large quantity gas storage. I do not have a fire place or wood stove. I grew up with wood so I am very familiar with the whole wood process.

    The idea of having the things I need and knowledge to set up a wood stove just in case has been rattling around in my brain. I have looked at our home- open spaces on the walls, the surrounding trees, roof lines and tried to figure where would be the best spot to install a wood stove.

    Things I know and brainstorming/thoughts/ideas:

    No chimney so I would need stove pipe. Pipe would need to be above the roof line to smoke could flow/disperse. Would need to cut through wall to run pipe through. Secure pipe materials.

    Always need to remember to protect from heat. All materials approved from wood stove use. Protecting the hole through- fire safety!

    Would need floor protection- we had brick inlay at home. I have also seen black metal material that people place their wood stoves on.

    Protect wall behind the stove. Clearance from wall, I have seen metal on the wall, also a board/stone type protector.

    Pages I have been looking at but unsure if lacking or over kill-


    Rochester Fire Department - New Hampshire - Wood Stove Safetyand Installation Suggestions


    This is an information page that is a wealth of information.

    Wood & Pellet stove manuals, videos, stove parts lists and more
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    Methinks using the Through-the-Wall scheme with double wall smoke pipe would be the easiest to manage in an existing structure. Don't forget that the floor might need some reinforcement to carry the weight of both the stove and ready wood pile.
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    I agree with Ghrit... especially since this is my plan for back up heat as well. I have an old potbelly stove that can be cooked on as well as provide heat, pipe components and everything needed stashed away in the back of the storage area. A couple of cords stack's pretty easy and just tarp for future use. Remember to have a pipe cleaning kit and all other fireplace tools available as well.... and a manual means to cut that hole in the wall, just in case you deploy the unit after you have run out of a means to provide electricity to your power tools.
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    Double wall smoke pipe?? I do not think that was in the pictures I attached. I don't have terminology down but can get the concept. Can you define a bit more. Thanks!

    Do you already have the hole cut and sealed? Ready for use. I think it would be a good idea to just have the hardest part ready to go. I do not know if it would ad value to my home or not. I think having the second panel for the generator is a plus but having wood stove prep of hole in the wall if that is sensible.
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    and a better image [​IMG]
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    For me plan, the wood stove is a shtf prep since I do have natural gas heaters for use till that fuel source is shut-off or exhausted.
    I do not have the hole cut.... that would be frowned upon by the Mrs.... and would compromise our siding warranty. When we had the house built we took pictures of every wall space prior to dry wall so I already know where I am going through and the location to set up the stove is ideal for our set-up.
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  8. kellory

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    The best, safest, most expensive pipe is triple wall (roughly $300.00 per piece about 2' long. I have a few pieces I bartered for for my wood burner. The piece to pass through the wall or ceiling has an adjustable flange to mount to the angle needed for a vertical or horizonal mounting.
    Check your local laws, but here, the rule is the top of the stack must be 3' above and 10' away from the nearest burnable surface. (This is so hot sparks do not set your roof on fire.)
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  9. ghrit

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    Having it all ready to go is, without the slightest doubt, the only way to fly. Putting up a frame to carry the smoke pipe up, cut the hole in the wall, reinforce the floor, fireproof wall covering and all the rest of the needs will NOT get done before your carcass becomes like a statue in the cold.

    Double wall smoke pipe is (like it says) a pipe within a pipe, with insulation in the annulus. (Triple is better, but there is a return on investment question. If wood is your primary heat, it's better. If wood is backup, well, not so much advantage.) MUCH more efficient, and retains heat such that creosote doesn't collect as readily. If the smoke cools to below (say) 300F on the way up the stack, you'll get a creosote deposit that will not make you happy when it catches fire. (Yes, I know this --). I don't use my wood stove for primary heat, but annually I put fire in the stove to debug, dry out, and debirds and bats nests if any found their way in. Highly recommended, the moreso if you don't have a cap on the stack with bird screens on it. (Bird screen will also act as a spark arrestor, a good thing if you have dry woods around the house.)

    As Kellory says, the height is code dictated. National code is usually incorporated in local codes, but not necessarily so. You gotta check.

    Add value? It will for you, from the standpoint of having backup heat. For future sale, well, that depends on the prospective buyer. Chimneys aren't necessarily architectural nightmares, but sure can be.
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  10. BTPost

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    The "Thru-Wall" pict (Post #1) shows "DuraPlus Chimney" and I believe this is Dual Wall Pipe... Also one NOTE here: At the bottom of the External to the House Pipe, just below the Horizontal Feed, that comes out thru the Wall, there needs to be a Removable Section. this allows for the Brush to be used on the the chimney, from the top, and all the Sweepings to fall out the Bottom of the Vertical Section, and into a Bag, while doing the Yearly Brushing. Many installers forget this, and if they Brush the Vertical Section, all the Brushings, just pile up below the Feed, and can cause a Stack FIRE, if left there.
    Seen many a cabin, burn to the Ground, because of Stack Fires, due to Poor Design or lack of Annual maintenance... Just Noting....
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  11. techsar

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    I don't know where the $300 for a 2 foot section of triple wall came from, but I fear you were taken for a ride. I got mine for a lot less, and it still is only 85 for a 6"x36" section at Home Depot. Duravent is the brand, and it has done quite well for the past 5 years since I put it in.

    An item to have in reserve though, is the single wall pipe from the stove to the thimble, as this will deteriorate due to the high heat it experiences.

    For a better draft, go straight up from your stove if possible.

    ETA: Duravent makes the Duraplus line BTPost mentioned above.
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  12. kellory

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    It has been a couple of years since I priced it )it seems the price may have dropped a bit, but I'm still seeing 175-200, each. I need only an elbow or T to install mine.
  13. techsar

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    Wow, kell...that still seems excessive. Please tell me it is at least stainless steel.
  14. kellory

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    Stainless, triplewall T with one cap for clesnout.
  15. ghrit

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    The tees do show in the sketches, but you gotta squint and read the legends. Yep, them, you have to have.
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  16. KAS

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    y not make a frame to go in the window with everything you need cut out ...
    just like putting a window AC unit but make it a penitration for the pipe ... OR am i talking out of my As#???
    any reasons it wouldnt work?
  17. ghrit

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    Would probably want some structural work to ensure the wall would hold the smoke pipe, but not a bad idea.
  18. CATO

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    So much for a quick install. Seems the project is anything but quick . . . kind of like, "how to change timing belt in a jiff."

    Good luck.
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    Lots of good advise.. I have lived with wood as my only heat source for 15 years and it was here for about 20 years before I came along.. My set up is a Lopi stove set on a sheet metal pan on my wood floor.. The stove is brick lined and radiates heat after the fire burns down.. (nice feature) Pipe is a six inch single walled to the second floor , eight inch double walled pipe on out through the roof.. I will be going up to do my yearly cleaning and will do some pic's of the pipe.. I don't go up there unless someone else is around in case my clumbsey butt tumbles off the roof..:)
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