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    I was approached by a friend about researching, designing, operating, and implementing a shooting range here n N E Ohio. He has some capital and wants to open a range. ANYONE with information about how to go about this, please contact me through PM or by clicking my username above and selecting the email option.

    Questions I have include what it takes to be a shooting club or organization versus a public business. Any links to information concerning requirements the facility must meet? Suggestions for businesses to build/equip the range? Materials durable enough for the backstop and side wall construction if we choose to build an indoor range?


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    PM sent...
  3. 1. Locate someone willing to insure it first.

    2. Attorney to satisfy those who would be king / tyrant / despot / etc.

    3. While the NRA has not lived up to everything I would like, they can offer plenty on setting up a range.

    4. Contact the appleseed shoot group.

  4. I would focus on insurance, local laws and zoning requirements, and help running it when you can't for starters... (IMHO)
  5. NRA down here really hooked us up.
    They fronted the money for land for us. Our dues were paying them back.
    I don't know what happened in your situation and I am sorry to hear that happened, but don't count them out.

    Set good bylaws, have good insurance and attorneys, lock up the range to keep idiots out and make it be known that you will not put up with the stupid behavior.
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    Basic insurance is covered, just waiting on the details of the location. Zoning regulations are vague concerning materials for backstop, etc. Noise they get specific on. finding a location and getting it built out of the right stuff is the issues i am facing. Gonna have to buy the NRA range book i guess.
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    Well I was going to say "contact the NRA for help", but that was covered. There are, or were, books on how to set up a range and what you need to do so, but don't have any titles off hand.

    For an indoor range, concret walls and steel back stops work well. You have steel "blinds" (like a ventian blind) and a solid sheet of steel on the wall behind it to stop bullets and the bullets fall into a sand filled box. NO steel cased bullets! Fans blowing at the shooters back toward the targets.

    Keep crooks out! I was at an indoor shooting range and going down range to check my target when I turned around and saw a hand reaching around and grabbing my gun. I ran back and the perp saw me, ran out the door to the front room and I tackled him as he ran out the front door. I took my gun away from him and was about to pistol whip him when I was tackled and dragged off the crook! Seems the thief was a buddy of the owner and pulled this stuff before! Needless to say, I never went back. After enough thiefs and near thiefs, the BATF went in and arrested the crooks and shut it down. If I knew where they were, I'd send a carton of cigs to everyone in prison with them who hated them, with a few ideas for what I wanted done to the scum.

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    Did you recieve my PM?.... did it help?
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