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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by eric_banks32, Dec 14, 2010.

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    I'm looking to buy an AR and came across this one. I have never heard nor can I find much about this lower. There is one review of it I found and it seems positive. Is this a resonable price, I think it may be a bit high for a no frills weapon? What do you think of the combo?
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    You'll want to research the scope that's included with the deal, but, for the price, you might want something new. I'll buy stuff from people I know (and visa versa), but it's nicer to have a factory warranty. You probably have to go through an FFL anyway...
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    That seems high for a Stag IMO.

    Stag is made by CMT. CMT has been contracted by several other big name companies. Google the company and glance at the location and you will see what I am talking about.

    Stag/CMT makes really good stuff.

    Look at piecing one together yourself. You will learn enough about the system to repair anything on it if SHTF. You will learn about parts- what's good, bad, and what you should stock. Best of all, you can get excellent quality in the $600- $700 range. Use the extra $200 to save towards a good optic.

    Beware of extremely low priced "off" brands. Look for chrome lined bores, chrome lined carriers, and in spec lowers (mag well). Everything on an AR is capable of being replaced at relatively low prices to improve the system or reliability. Just start with a good barrel and bolt. (If possible get a MPIed, shot peened, mil-spec bolt).

    This is where I get my preferred parts:
    Bravo Company USA, Inc. AR-15, M16, M4 Tactical Gear, Parts, Accessories.
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    DIY it.
    Bravo is a good source I recommend their bolt carrier group.
    Spikes $99 stripped lower here RifleGear - Spikes Tactical SL-15 Stripped Lower Receiver with Color Fill
    I get stuff from these guys, good outfit.

    And I have this upper with nitrided barrel, very pleased for $275 DSA ZM4 Forged 7075T6 A3 AR15 Upper Receiver - DSZM4CBU-D S Arms

    then you need Buffer tube, LPK, rear sight, charging handle and furniture.

    And being in CA have to buy "rebuild kits" for mags Magpul 30 Round PMAG™ (Polymer MAGazine) REBUILD KIT
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    @Eric.....I don't know how much research you have done, but check out dpms panther arms you can get a entry level ar for 759.00 for the oracle....its 5.56 x 45.
    or you could get the sportical for is in 7.62 nato. Dpms does give you 2 mags and a cleaning kit when you buy a rifle from them. extra magazines for the 5.56 is 12.00 for a 20 round or you can get a 45 round for 89.95. the 20 round mag for the 7.62 is can get a panther 4 x 30 delta shorty scope for 69.95.

    I'm sure you are like me and dont have a ton of money to spend on a rifle but feel the nessessity to get one. it also depends on whom you are getting the rifle through.
    The guy I am getting mine from is letting me put it on lay-away for as long as i need it to be on lay-away.

    Dpms is a quality weapon and there are dpms owners here and other sites as well. Hope you will be happy with your purchase whatever you may purchase.
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    I am a 28 year range master most of my departments officers carry some type of ar Olympic arms, rock river, colt, DPMS , and a bunch of others are making them now. They all work. The are avalible thru centerfire and firequest at less than 700 wholesale you will need a dealer to order it in for you may charge 20-50 bucks to do this. You will have to fill out a 4473 for the atf but this does not leave the store. Centerfire had mags at 5 bucks on a one day xmas sale
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    CDNN often has good deals on complete rifles/carbines.. they also sell an excellent .22 conversion kit and 25 rd mags for it.. will save you a fortune in ammo costs for small game/target shooting

    CDNN Sports, Inc.
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    Just got my NEW CDCN Catalog on the MailPlane, yesterday....
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    I'm a bit late in replying, but just joined the forum. That said, it seems a bit high, especially not knowing what all is involved in the gun. I agree with Hispeed2, building your own is the right way to go for several reasons. 1. You can get specific options that are hard to find on a package gun – magpul stocks and grips (the best IMO), chrome bolts, chrome-lined barrels, match-grade FCG, etc. 2. You’ll develop the skills necessary for re-tooling or repairing your own firearm. There is a ton of material available free on the internet about how to build. I’m pretty much a spastic, and I’ve built 2 of my own. 3. Pride of ownership. 4. Piecemeal construction allows you to spread the cost out over the time period you choose rather than plunk down a thousand bucks all at once.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />
  13. Building your own sounds nice, but many people don't want to go through the hassle. I have 3 ARs, a Fulton, a Spike's and an MGI - I bought each assembled and have had good experiences all around.

    After owning and shooting these for awhile, I'm ready to take the next step, and assemble my own. I have and can highly recommend The AR-15 Complete Assembly Guide
    How to build your own AR-15
    —by Walt Kuleck with Clint McKee

    Available at the Fulton Armory website.
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    I've heard that your first one should be bought, and the second one can be built.
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    Ops never read that... I built my first on my bed with a 2x4 and a pair of pliars to but in the pins... So far so good saved tons of money no issues... oh umm the little detent pins yeah those suckers can fly FYI....
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    yeah, its not rocket science. these things were designed for the lowest common denominator to tear it down and rebuild it.

    Everything you need to know to build an AR
    Gunwiki: About the AR-15 Family
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