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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Donnely, Sep 27, 2016.

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    I own a 1980 Camaro ss. I bought it a long time ago when I didn’t bother on mileage. Now the car is in the garage mostly. I rev up thrice a week, to sustain it. I don’t want to sell it as it was my first car and I love it and I drive it during the holiday trips. I rebuild the engine to improve the efficiency and performance. I had issues with the battery because of not driving. But, now I replaced the battery. I heard that something called power batt can improve the life of AGM batteries. It's said that the battery life can be extended to 4 years if it is used. So, I was thinking about using it on my chevy. Has anyone tried it on their car batteries? Is it an expense worth spending? I need your suggestions.

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  2. ghrit

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    Short thinking: Snake oil. Spend your money on a float charger.
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    Yep. Battery Tender.
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    Ditto the Battery Tender!!! 1.5 or 2 amp with ability to shut off and not overcharge the battery. I installed a top of the line interstate brand battery in Dec. 1999 on a battery start 8kw generator with a trickle charger such as described above at same time. This battery finally gave up the ghost this year Aug 2016. In between it worked each and every time the genny was started. That alone is pretty awesome. 16 plus years on a single battery. Need I say more about how battery tenders extend the life of a seldom used battery? BTW, a very good friend, my mechanic, is of the opinion that any battery over 3 years old, is on it's last legs and needs to be replaced NOW. On that basis, I would have gone though 5 batteries in this time at a cost of well over $300. The battery tender cost me $25
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    The product you are looking at is for flooded lead batteries. It will not work on AGM. AGM batters do not even have a fill hole to pour the stuff into. It will not work on flooded batteries either, but that's another topic.

    I agree with a Battery Tender. There are similar products under other names that do the same thing, and none of them are expensive. I own several and they will hold up a battery for years. I have a generator that is run only a few times a year and it still has the factory battery from six years ago. My motorcycles sit on Battery Tenders all winter and every spring they start right up A+

    If you keep a maintenance charge on the battery, you will not need to start the car three times a week.
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    +1 for a Battery Tender.
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    Now THERE is an obscure ride. (And even more obscure TV series.)
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    Thank you guys. More votes on the battery tender. So, I will consider that.
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