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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Hosster, Jun 7, 2012.

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    I found a guy on another forum selling a Springfield XD.
    The price is right and he lives in my state and we have arranged to meet monday to exchange cash for gun.
    My problem is, I have never bought a gun from a private person that I don't personally know. For all I know this gun is stolen.. I highly doubt it, the guy seems to be genuine, but you never know.
    In my state gun registration is not required.. So I dont plan on registering it. I would rather not have the government know what I have anyway if the SHTF and one day they want to try to take them.
    My question is... What should I do?
    I am thinking I will request a bill of sale to be written up to cover my ass. Other than that, should I do anything?
    Also, just to inform, so nobody says anything.. We are meeting in a public place.
  2. tacmotusn

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    My opinion is, if it were me, and the price was really right, yes I would require a bill of sale with sellers drivers license # and full name from that drivers license. I would tell the seller that I would hold that info confidential unless it came to him or me in an arrest type situation for a stolen firearm. If the seller wasn't willing to provide that info, I would drop my offered price by $100 and or walk awy. That's my opinion ........
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  3. CATO

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    Write up the bill of sale beforehand and make two copies. One for each of both sign it and have the same information for each party.

    Take down license #, tag #, you supply the same.......tell him the only reason to ever pull that out is if the storm troopers bust your door down for some reason.

    Same goes with could kill someone with that gun and if it gets back to him, he's on the hook.

    Bill of sale protects both individuals, but never includes the govt........the way it should be.
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  4. Alpha Dog

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    Contact him and get the serial# I have citizens in my county call me all the time asking for a check. I always do it don't want anyone to get hooked up on a stolen gun charge or lose their money. Even with a bill of sell it would cause you problems. The officer would look at it as " Oh ok you made contact with this strange unknown guy on the net. Set up to meet with him bought a gun in the parking lot of Kroger, never met this guy before, realy don't know his name, gave him cash money for a gun yoou have no idea about. Just thinking about it from a L.E.O. point and I see good people get into this all the time. They get tied up in a mess trying to clear their life of this B/S and lose the money they payed into it plus lose the gun. While the guy they bought it from is walking around and has no care of what the other person is going through. Anyway most L.E.O.'s will do it and as for letting big brother know your business L.E.O.'s deal with so many numbers in a day it's forgot after he enters it. Plus if this guy is on the up and up he won't think twice about letting you have it checked. If he refuses I would think twice. Just an idea would hate to see a Monkey get in the $h!it
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  5. tacmotusn

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    Alpha Dog, Don't think for a second I am discounting your advice. If I could call you for the check I would. Unfortunately I think you are more of the exception as opposed to the standard. I would not buy a midnight special firearm at a super low price, unless it matches one I already have. If I found one of those I would buy it in a New York minute. Police departments do gun buy backs all the time. Tell me, how many of those get identified as stolen guns, and returned to their rightfull owners? How many end up as LEO backups and throw downs? How many get melted down with no records search or ballistics check done to see if it matches up with a gun used in a crime?
    Any gun I can buy super cheap that is a duplicate for ones already owned will be purchased in a heartbeat and stashed for parts, or for issue post SHTF. They will be tagged upon purchase and not carried as is before that.
    The way I look at it is, that it is no different or worse than a police buy back. It is a gun off the streets. Out of the hands of the bad guys. It is a tool, nothing more, nothing less. I am willing to take the chance because I am almost 100% sure it is out of circulation until post SHTF, and it will most likely be lost at sea during a fishing trip anyway ..... never to be seen again.
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  6. munchie3409

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    You are fortunate to live in a state that does not require a transfer to be completed for a hand gun. Here in PA you don't need to do that for long arms, but you must transfer hand guns.

    There are stolen gun lists on a few of the forums that I belong to...I would def. do a bill of sale for a pistol purchase/sale.
  7. goinpostal

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    Whenever you do a face to face buying/selling a firearm,ID info should be swapped as a CYA measure.
    I use to know a guy,that made the mistake of not doing this,and ended up doing a year in the X-bar hotel,and spending thousands of $$,before things got straightened out.
    The pistol had been stolen from a LEO's house the year before,and was used to blow the brains out of a young store clerk in a robbery.
    It then passed through several others hands before he got it.
    He then pawned it,and the next thing you know,the SWAT team was kicking his door in.
    Needless to say,it ruined his life.
    The advice of having a LEO run the #'s before hand,is spot on if you ask me.
  8. Hosster

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    Well I messaged the guy and asked for a bill of sale and serial.
    At first he said that bill of sale is useless in my state.
    I told him, if I buy this gun and try to sell it to a pawn shop and it's stolen, or say I defend my home from a burglary and law enforcement takes the gun for evidence and finds it's stolen, my ass is grass.
    Likewise, if you bought the gun from an FFL dealer or ever took a loan out on it at a pawn shop, big brother ATF can trace it to you even if you didn't register it. Now say I am psycho and kill someone in a crime (which I won't) and somehow leave the gun at the scene.
    The gun gets traced back to you and your ass is grass.
    Moreover, say I am even on parole for a felony and you sell me the gun and I get caught with it. You can get in trouble for it, where as if I state in the bill of sale I have no felonies on my record nor pending charges (which is true), it kinda clears you. Since it is illegal to knowingly sell a firearm to a felon...and it's hard to prove what you knew or not without a bill of sale.

    Well anyway, the guy replies back and says he did buy the gun at a FFL dealer and that he didnt realize all that. He asks me to print some online legal bill of sale forms and we will exchange DL#'s and whatever else the forms require.

    Needless to say I am feeling better about it now. Thanks for all the advice.
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  9. Alpha Dog

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    You know it's sad that we have to go to the extemes dealing with our fellow gun traders. I have always been a gun trader and enjoy it. I get to try different guns from time to time and if I don't like it put the word out and move on to the next. Alot of the older guys who has been doing it before I was born sometimes kind of take offense to it as if Im insulting their honor and have made a few mad losing the deal. I always try to explain to them hey a bill of sell don't help big brother keep track of guns it covers my butt or your butt if something happens and the gun is involved. I have more than once been educated in the fine art of trading. With lessons being given by some old guy that looked honest and no disrespect but a few of those lessons came from less than honorable Preacher's. Who showed me the evil ways in wrong doing's. When trading and selling guns a man can never be to careful. A guy called me about six months ago and ask me to check a gun numbers and it came back stolen. So I told him and I never ask where they got the number from kind of a unwritten code. I protect the citizens from being cheated and the thief from making money. Most of the time they will drop a hint that I might want to check this out or look at this person. So anyway the guy told me thanks and he owed me one. One week later I seen this kid good guy works hard but not the sharpest tool and he was showing me this new gun and how he got it for $400.00 and how the gun store cost was $800.00. I told him it was a good deal and ask how he got so lucky well he said that this guy that had called me. Called him yeasterday and sold it to him. So I didn't want to see this kid cheated and knowing it was stolen I couldn't let the boy keep it. So we went to this guys house and he come clean that after talking to me he didn't buy it. Then he ran into this kid and the kid was looking for one so he gave this other guy (who he did not know) $175.00 for it then sold it to the kid for $400.00. At this time I made him give the kid his money back and I returned the gun to the owner. The guy said well what about my money? I told him to get it from the no name man he got the gun from and if he wanted to come in later and file a complaint he would be charged as well. I hope the loss taught this guy a lesson but you never know.
  10. bountyhunter

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    when i lived down south (in Gods country) i too traded guns quite often and had a friend LEO..he would run serial numbers and make sure it wasnt reported stolen..then big changes came to the law enforcement (i think it was election of new state DA) each LEO,when checking numbers,had to sign in on the register to check numbers..if gun gad been reported stolen,the LEO was responsible for taking the gun..he had too,no choice..i did get one one time that was about 212 degrees in Tennessee in january (slightly hot lol) i had to turn it in right there,then they grilled me as to where i got it..not wanting to involve more people,i just told em i found it in weeds on roadside while i was taking my walk..the questions stopped,i walked out with no cuffs on,and lost 150.00 i had paid for that was last 1 i had checked,i would tell future buyers "you are buying it just like i did,as is,all i gurantee is that it will to temp of gun,i have no idea,i bought it in good faith,so thats way im selling it"
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