Need some thought on a knife that I have finished

Discussion in 'Blades' started by genlee, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. genlee

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  2. Quigley_Sharps

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    Man thats a sweet blade!
    Looks tuff as hell, I like it alot!
  3. monkeyman

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    Looks VERY nice. The only flaw I could see, and it may just have been the pic, was where it looked like the grind for the edge stopped before it got all the way back like it was bluned for the last 1/2" or so. Still an excelent looking knife, I like heavy work horse knives.

    What kind of steel is it? If it is carbon steel and you feel like putting the extra time into it a higher polished finish will hwlp make it easier to keep rust off of it but at the same time it seems toi be built for use in the woods and such where the extra shine may not be wanted. Is this a new hobby for you or been at it a while? Also welcome to the board.
  4. Bear

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    Nice work.... 320 grit and a nice hamon as well.... that sheath looks like a great build.... all in all very very nice... looks like a pretty heavy duty user....
    I like your website as well...

    I've been lurking over at Fogg's site... been thinking about joining to participate and learn more.... great diverse group of makers there... and Fogg does a good job with the site....

    Welcome abooard....
  5. E.L.

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    Sweet. That is really nice work.
  6. genlee

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    Thanks for the input, I wanted so badly to polish higher, to bring the hammon out, but I wanted it to be a usable knife not something some one would be afraid to use.

    I actually started in January of this year, and I had been studying books and talking to bladesmiths for almost a year prior to that, I did not want to start something that would end in ruin for me so I did my homework.

    I stopped to edge 1/2" from the ricasso as I mostly do japanese blades and this how most are done they never sharpen the whole blade, I am not actually sure why but I have a sword that was made in japan and the edge is sharp all but 1/2" from the habaki.

    So thanks again for the input and I will be putting this blade up for sale soon.
  7. Bear

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    Nice... a good satin or beadblast finish is easier to maintain.... yeah... mirror will scratch just from going in and out of the sheath.... one benefit is that the owner will know what's under all those scratches and scrapes... I have an old ball bearing Ed Fowler knife... one of my first introductions to the hamon or heat treating lines.... it came mirror fnished but over the years its pretty much satin by now... you can still see the temper line... and in my minds eye.... its just like the day I got it.... guess what I'm saying... is some knives are made and bought to be admired, white gloved cared for and stored in a carefully controlled safe... others are made and bought to be admired, field care for and stored in a sheath on the belt of the user.... and they can be the same knife.... people think I'm nuts for using my Fowler... but Ed wouldn't have it any other way... even though he spent the time to put a mirror finish on it... it all depends on the mindset of the buyer..... Can you tell I like heat treating and the beauty and function it can add to a knife....;)
  8. BigUglyOne

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    The blade looks great !

    I believe I would have stained the leather spacers dark, centered the roundover in the Dymondwood so the pattern was in the middle and used thicker brass so I could carve it to the handle ... but all of those are cosmetic and personal tastes.

    Looks like a great knife !!
  9. TailorMadeHell

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    That's a great knife there. Looks fancy and all. Bet it could get your point across. :D

    The only thing with me though when looking for a knife is that I want something with grip handles. If my hands get slippery, cold or something else, the grips will help insure that it remains in my hand. I don't know about others though. Still you did a good job on this one. Nice color, blade not too shiny.
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