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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Moatengator, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Moatengator

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    I have a DPMS AR-10 flattop. I would like to put a red dot sight on it. I have never had a red dot sight. I know some of you guys are VERY knowledgeable in this area. My A.O. is in Northern Idaho,,,woods & mountains. It needs to be weatherproof, dependable & if battery operated, it needs to run on common batteries either "AA" or "AAA". I do know that if I want magnification EO Tech has a magnification tube that can be added. Any suggestions from you more knowledgeable monkeys will be greatly appreciated.
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    What type of price range?
    They run from 30 bucks past 700.

    If I had the money and the platform I'd go with the Trijicon Reflex but that's because they are a Michigan based company, and I've toured their facilities a time or two.

    Might want to check out this link to get a better idea of what's available.
    Red Dot Sights / Reflex Sights & Holosights Explained

    And I'm sure some more monkies will chime in shortly.
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  3. I agree with VisuTrac about Trijicon. I personally prefer the ACOG. They are rather spendy though, so it all depends on how much you can afford.:cool:
  4. UGRev

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    i picked up a Mepro-21.. check it out.
  5. CATO

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    It ALL depends on your budget.
  6. Moatengator

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    I can swing $600.00 w/o a problem. I will read as much as I can in the next few days, but I would rather get suggestions from real-world users, not a magazine review. And it should be sturdy. only becasue, at times, I am not among the most graceful or surefooted of God's creatures.:(
  7. Brokor

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    Since you are using an AR-10, you might want to check into also picking up a magnifier with your red-dot if you go that route. No sense in having an excellent ranged rifle be limited. I will stick by Aimpoint 100%. I have used their (M68) CompM2 in combat, still have some on my personal weapons. They have been through hell and back, are great on batteries and will always hold a zero. The latest CompM3 or later versions will run for years with the power on. The prices are pretty good right now, sub $400 range new, can probably pick them up used, too. The CompM4 is especially significant due to its integral base which eliminates the need for rings and it permits co-witness with your iron sights, granting you even more savings. They use AA batteries, too --a feature long awaited.

    I would scope an AR-10, but that's just me.

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  8. CATO

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    I too have Aimpoint M3 Comps (which take AA) with 3x magnifiers. I can't say as I've thrown my guns down to check for zero, but they are very rugged.

    I know you stated you want one that takes standard batteries, but an Aimpoint Pro takes 3V and is $400, which would save you some $$ for a magnifier. The battery should go 6-7 years based on the mfr specs (something crazy like 80k hours).

    Be sure to stay with 2MOA.

    EDIT: only M4s take 3v and AA
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  9. UGRev

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    FYI, mepro 21 < 500.00 and has tritium lighting boosted by fiber optics. NO batteries.. perfect co-witness
  10. Tikka

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    EO Tech are sweet and offers a wider FOV than others when using NVS. Cost is about 500-550 depending or cash can do wonders at a show.

    Night Vision Compatibility | L-3 EOTech - Holographic Weapons Systems
    Go to the bottom and the FOV is a lot bigger. So if NVS is in your future plans, EO-Tech might be a good idea.

    "Standardized by the DEA, ATF, and FBI SWAT, the Model 552 is by far the most popular HWS model. This NV compatible, AA battery model is the sight of choice by military units like Stryker Brigade, 10th Mountain, and 3rd Infantry. It is battle proven to withstand the abuse that any harsh environment, high powered weapon platform, or military mission can dish out."

    The DEA, ATF, etc are light duty applications as compared to Stryker Brigade, 10th Mountain and 3rd ID.

    Dots are better for fast acquisition shooting, as mentioned you will need a magnifier for "finesse" shooting. The magnifier flips out of the way, ready to snag on something. ;)

    Another option is a 3x9 variable power with a duplex reticle. Moving targets are centered and lead using the bold cross hairs and popping clay birds at 200m or more is easy at 9x.

    I use a rail and using quick detach mounts, I swap the EO-Tech off for a 3x9. Less than a moa of loss in accuracy, if it goes in the same place. :D
  11. UGRev

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    Had a really hard time getting a good snap of the ret on the Mepro-21 (nv compat).. I don't have a fancy HD camera.. I spent all my cashola on preps and things that go bang. Shhh.. this is the only thing I have left from my stuff before I sold it. Don't tell my wife.
  12. Moatengator

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    I am leaning towards the Aimpoints. I cannot find a Comp M3 that uses AA batteries,,,the M4 yea, but my pockets ain't that deep.
  13. CATO

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    I just checked Aimpoint's website and don't see a model that accepts AA for the M3. An EOTech 512 accepts AA and is battle-proven.
  14. Halffast

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    Optics are really a personal choice. You're doing a good thing by asking here, but try to personally look at as many as you can before you plop down your hard earned cash. I would be cautious about using the AA EoTechs. Supposedly, they are better than when they came out, but my three are still a little squirrelly sometimes if I haven't used them in a while. I wouldn't be concerned about the M3 not using a AA. The battery life is so good on the Aimpoints that just a few spares would probably last a lifetime. Don't forget to look at the Aimpoint Micro, too. It's a kickass little jewel! My favorite optic on my FAL is an ACOG 3x30. They run a few hundred over your budget, but if you can swing one, I don't think you'll be disappointed. You can use it as a dot sight with both eyes open up close, but if you need to make a longer shot, it comes with a .308 ranging reticle and the glass is so good it makes everything look much closer than you would think a 3 power scope could.

    Good luck with your search and please let us know what you decide on.
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  15. CATO

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  16. Moatengator

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    I spent a good 90 minutes in a local gun/sporting goods store today looking at a few red dots and talking to a few folks that use them. The Aimponts & EOTechs seem to be the most prevelant, at least in my area. Two guys I talked to use/own both and they agree they are both top notch, but one guy has a CompM2 and says it is his best,,,the other dude said his PRO was better than his EOTechs as well. Anyway, I left the store with an invite to try them both for myself next week, which I gladly accepted. I also left with a new Ruger LCR .22 ( Icould not help it) :rolleyes:
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  17. Brokor

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    If it comes around and you cannot afford an Aimpoint (I would save and wait if you can to get one), you *could* go the alternate route, for those on a budget and get a Strikefire. Of course, the downside is, it's not as tough and reliable as an Aimpoint. The Strikefire has received very good reviews and even though it's not the best, might function fine until something better comes along. Just FYI in case...
  18. melbo

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    I use trijicon, Reflex and ACOGs
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  19. Moatengator

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    ACOG would be nice,,,just too rich for my blood..
  20. Halffast

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    Have you looked at or tried one? The are expensive, but worth every penny in my book.
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