need suggestions on a concealable handgun asap.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by SoCal09, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. SoCal09

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    So my girlfriend's ex burnt her car down and nearly my house two nights ago. I was lucky enough to wake up immediately to put my house out before any real damage, but until he is behind bars I'd like a good concealable handgun just incase. I was thinking of a walther post s&w 40. Any suggestions?
  2. E.L.

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    That's a tough question to answer without more information. Are you looking for a auto or revolver? How are you planning on concealing it, pocket, inside-the-waistband, strongside? For the money I think the Springfield XD is an excellent buy and a top notch pistol. Mine are in .45, but that is more of a preference thing. It is best to try out a few to find what feels good and you can hit with. The XD is extremely reliable, accurate and about $500.
  3. ghrit

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    Agree with EL on this, not enough info. Do you want it for carry or a house gun? One of each has some merit, a good house gun isnt quite as concealable as a carry piece, and are best served differently. I'm partial to a wheel gun for the house, because the drill is a lot easier, just pull the trigger, easy to do if half asleep, no thinking needed after target identification. Now, for concealed carry, a small DAO makes sense to me, and a 380 is probably the minimum "enough" gun for the street. For open carry, I'm partial to anything 45. IMHO, YMMV will vary.

    Don't over react, this guy might be a problem, but knee jerk is not good. Put thought into it, because you are looking at serious business.
  4. Seacowboys

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    Odds of you getting a handgun without a long wait is not very real. Go get you a good shotgun and maybe another girlfriend without so much dangerous baggage.
  5. PapaSasquatch

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    If you need it really concealable, the Ruger LCP or LCR aren't bad options. If you can afford a bigger caliber, go with a glock 36 or 30. S&W has their M&P45 in a compact model which is nice to carry..just wish I could find one..I'd gladly give up my glocks for one.

    LCP is a 9oz super skinny semi-auto that shoots the .380 cartridge, 6 rounds + 1 in the pipe. Double action only with a heavy (safe) trigger that can go in a back/front pocket, or wherever. It'll stop an aggressor, even this psychotic douche x boyfriend probably just by brandishing it at the right time. Of course if the XBF is carrying, then it's probably no good to carry unless you can guarantee yourself that you'd get the element of surprise on him. Shotgun in the house is long as he can't sneak in while you're sleeping or otherwise unsuspecting..otherwise, he may control that shotgun. Gotta plan things if she's gonna be super vigilant and confident with said gun.
  6. dragonfly

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    Personally for in the home defense, I strongly recommend to many the mossberg 20 gauge, with a pistol grip...easy to handle, but not too awkward, overpowering. It will get the job of defense done nicely...
    As far as a concealed carry, I never have done so, I'd go with the others and their sage advice....Just remember: any weapon you have, can be used against you....If you are not "trained" or have had any classes on the subject, I'd strongly recommend use alarm systems (eg: A BIG DOG!) They can even be "rented"! No sense in getting this to a scenario where it comes down to gunplay...( NO pun intended!) This is very serious and not something most people have to deal with. Alarm's are not too expensive, and can be professionally installed in less than an hour. My advice, consider all the options and alternatives first......If you feel it has gone beyond the point where you feel your life is in jeopardy, take the appropriate actions and steps....(there is no reason for YOU to go to jail or prison, for a scum bag!)
    Take care!
  7. melbo

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    If you are concerned about another home attack/invasion, conceal-ability isn't a large concern. If you think he's going to follow you out of a restaurant then it is. What's your largest fear right now?

    For ultra conceal, I'm pretty happy with my Ruger LCP, in my front pocket at almost all times. If you want to carry something larger on a regular basis, you have a multitude of options and I suggest you go to a range or gun shop and get your hands around a few to compare.
  8. Snake Plisken

    Snake Plisken Monkey+

    I agree with Melbo on this.

    Never buy before you range test a bunch to find whats the most comfortable for you.

    I trust my life daily to my Para Wart Hog as my back up. It's a 45 acp 10+1.

    For a smaller/lighter version the Para Slim Hog is another great choice. It's also a 45 acp but rather a 6+1. Hence the slimmer/lighter profile.

    Good luck & watch your 6.

    Call me Snake.
  9. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    Small and concealable and all around great -and won't break the bank?

    A P64 Polish Makarov clone (9mm Mak), semi-auto 6-rounds, accurate. Order a Wolff spring 18 or 19 lb. to replace the factory hammer spring (about $4) and you are all set. The P64 might run you around $200 new.

    *although* I would suggest not buying one while your life is in turmoil. My advice (not always the best, but I do have experience with threat assessment) is to not even bother unless you are prepared to use the firearm -chances are, since he's an arson...he's also a coward and a spineless wimp. In this instance, a baseball bat or a baton will work just as well. Mace, tasers, pepper spray -all great options, too.

    I am a proud NRA supporter and love to see people carry, but try not to start doing it based on the wrong reasons. And good luck.
  10. boisepatriot

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    Almost any hangun is "concealable." But, is it comfortable enough to carry when the cool factor of carrying a concealed weapon wears off? After years of carrying mid-sized handguns such as the Glock 27, Kimber Custom Compact, etc. I am down to two, both of which use similar ergonomics and feel similar, so I don't have to think about what I'm doing too much in case I actually need it. One is the Kimber, Aluminum alloy and steel, melted edges, night sights, short barrel, seven rounds of .45. I can hit what I'm looking at, every time, and I'm not worried about trigger pull because I was trained properly never to have my finger on the trigger unless I intend to shoot. I am not a cop, so I'm never going to be charging into gang houses. My primary concern is safety. I WANT to have to execute at least two functions before I can fire it, and I don't want one of them to be an accidental slip off of safety. So, I keep its hammer down with a round in the chamber. If it goes off, assuming the firing pin safety functions well, it goes off because I cocked it and pulled the trigger, period. Its companion for summer or dress wear is the Sig P238, also single action, and it feels in my hands like a 1911, not a toy with a hard trigger pull. Also night sights. I know others prefer different combinations, and actually the Glock 27 is pretty hard to beat as an overall, single-gun option. The new Walters, Springfield, and S&W Glock copies are nice, too. But, I still have not forgiven S&W for joining the dark side in the 1990s gun and magazine bans. So, I don't buy their stuff, ever, forever. Capacity is not something I'm concerned about unless I am camping or knowingly going into a dangerous area, in which case I would choose something with capacity, and ergonomics, like maybe a Glock 22, or the KING OF ALL BACKCOUNTRY HANDGUNS, the Glock 20 SF with heavy hardcast bullets and a 15 round capacity. In my state, about half the murders, rapes, etc. actually have occured in camping areas committed by groups of people. In the city, it is usually going to be a single person. We don't really have gang problems in my state like in LA, even though the local police like to pretend we do. Watch your ammo. Personally, I would rather be killed myself than accidentally kill or seriously injure an innocent bystander with a through shot or a ricochet fragment. I use frangible or Glazer ammo for the first two rounds usually, unless I am in the backcountry. "Home defense" isn't. It is called personal and family safety. If you are into "home defense," in my opinion, you value stuff over people's lives and have a mental health problem, not to mention a desire to die. If your home is invaded, get yourself, and your family if possible, in one safe place, draw your firearm, call the police, and wait. Don't go playing cops and robbers with people crazy enough to break into an occupied home. When the cops arrive, make sure your gun is not in your hands, unless you want to get shot. Don't just trust them to know who you are, and in my opinion, don't trust them period. They don't know who you are until they get things under control, and they will get things under control. Don't let them take your firearms without objecting and demanding a detailed inventory, or you will never see your firearms again. To a cop, only some cops should be allowed to have guns, and they LOVE to take them away from people, any people. Also, if you are going to carry, the fact that you do should be something only your sleeping companion ever finds out about. It is not something to talk about or show off about. You have a responsibility to be safe, and discrete, a responsibility not only to those around you, but to the rest of us who have CCLs. Mature people carry and no one ever knows, unless they find out the hard way. Idiots talk about it and show off. In my opinion, I would rather not be anywhere near them, let alone trust them around my loved ones with a firearm. Just my thoughts.
  11. SoCal09

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    Well yes I've had plenty of training in both the marines and I did a few contracts in Iraq after, so I know how to use a handgun. I've just never owned one simply because I've never felt I needed one until now. My reasoning in a concealable is that I live way out in the country, and he had to have followed her home one night, and thats taking the threat to thestreet
    I'm not looking for revenge, only protection. I have shotguns for home defense and a big military dog (Belgian malinois). But it didn't do many any good because by the time I woke up he was long gone. I like the idea of the p64. I've shot the kimber 45 and the xd extensively, I think the CD would be more in price range though.
  12. E.L.

    E.L. Moderator of Lead Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    Boisepatriot, I understand your issues with S&W when they were English owned, I had the same feelings. But, they were bought out by Americans, and the American owners threw out the contract the English owners had signed with the Clinton administration, and did not follow it. The American owners are building quality products and since the ownership and mindset has done a 180, I wouldn't hesitate to give them my business. While the XD is made in Croatia and imported by S&W, they still make many quality products here in the U.S.A. Penalizing them for the precious owners mistakes would be like penalizing you for the mistakes of another. We don't have enough American owned gun makers left in this country to have a vendetta against them.
  13. Clyde

    Clyde Jet Set Tourer Administrator Founding Member

    You need a MUrs radios alarm system so you can have a heads up when he returns to finish the deal. BS-KIT Dakota Alert MURS Long Range Alert System Driveway Alarm

    adding a semi auto rifle and beefing up your motion detector flood lights would really pit a damper on his jealousy. Why take a handgun to to a fight when you can take a rifle?
  14. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    Cool. Yeah, just for the record I wasn't insinuating anything ;) I am not sure what is best for you, but every person I know who carries the P64 loves it. Larger hands don't agree,'s a small pistol. I would love to carry my 1911, but it's large and heavy -not quite as comfortable. Personal preference. I'm not a big guy; I have speed and agility on my side, so I choose a handgun to fit.

    That's a wicked cool dog.
  15. SoCal09

    SoCal09 Monkey++

    Thanks brokor! Ya he's extremely intelligent and learns fast. Definately a dog for the country that needs extensive training. Where should I look for the p64?
  16. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    I would think that the best buy would be at your local gun shows. Typically, there is somebody with a case of them...but, I don't know how likely it is you may find one. The last time I was in Texas at a gun show was 2006.

    If you wanted to buy online, there are plenty for sale...but then you have to pay fees associated with FFL transfer.
  17. dragonfly

    dragonfly Monkey+++

    Lots of weekend shows around in least from what I've heard.
    Most from San Antonio area...?
  18. magnus392

    magnus392 Field Marshall Mags Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    Look at, probably pick something up local and reasonable in the used market. If not, hell this is Texas and you should be able to walk into any gun shop and leave with a new pistol if you are legally able.
  19. HotWire

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    SoCal09, that's like asking someone to give you a suggestion on what shoe you should wear. Its a personal choice, you have to try some and see what feels good for you!
  20. SoCal09

    SoCal09 Monkey++

    Well I plan on trying many, this was to help narrow down the search. Ya San Antonio has one every weekend in one of two locations. Thanks for all the help guys.
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