need suggestions on a concealable handgun asap.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by SoCal09, Mar 30, 2010.

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    I have a wide array of handguns in a wide range of calibers... they all have particular pros and cons depending on the scenario.

    IMHO, I would go with the one that I carry everyday and thats the S&W Airweight hammerless .38 5-shot. It is light, acurate, easy to handle and shoot. It is extremely reliable.

    I like all of my handguns and have tried carrying all of them at different times, the S&W .38 is the way to go, again, IMHO.

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    I 2<SUP>nd</SUP> this post. I have a P-64 and like it a lot. The 29Lb trigger pull is not that bad once you get use to it. The trigger pull will lighten as you shoot it more or your finger gets stronger I do not know it is one or the other or both. I like that if a bad guy gets it away from you when it is on double action it will be very hard for him to shoot you. The firearm can be shot as a single action and has one of the best triggers I have ever squeezed in single action. The only one better in my collection is my JC Higgins ranger .22. When shooting the P-64 in single action keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire if a fly bumps into your finger the gun will fire.
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    Hey! That's a really good point. When that hammer is back, it only takes a sneeze to make boom.

    WP- I am waiting for my Marschal grips to arrive. Should be this month. Makes the P64 look really nice, but also perfects my grip with the use of a thumb rest.
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    They are a poor mans PPK.
    I wish they could have been imported with the original grips, those cheepies they put on then with a thumb rest suck mine move all over the place, but it was the only way to get enough point for import.
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    As a retired Investigator, I used a Kel-Tec P-11 as a back up piece. Made from polymer, it is very light weight and I packed it on my ankle. My primary was a 1911 Para. Since I retired, I carry the P-11 as my primary. On my ankle, I use the standard mag. It affords me with 10 rounds in the mag plus one in the tube. There is some mighty potent 9mm ammo out there, and it is rated +P+. On my belt, I use S&W 59 series mags which gives me 15 in the mag, and one in the tube. With 2 extra mags on board, I am packing 46 rounds without that much weight. If 46 rounds won't get me home, I'm in the wrong neighborhood. A sidearm is really only to enable you to fight your way to a rifle or shotgun anyway. My P-11 has been ultra reliable since break in of 250 rounds. It digest all ammo I have tried to date. I have had it since 1999. It is also uber safe with a long, hard double action only trigger and it is safe if accidentally dropped. Another benefit: the trigger has made me a much better shot with all other weapons as it took some time and effort to master the trigger.I am much more aware of what my trigger finger is doing now than I ever was before. I handload my ammo, and I have a lot of confidence in the 9mm from testing and tweaking over the years. I love the 45, as well as the 40 and 10mm, but I am amazed at what the 9 has done for me when called upon. I run 124 grain projectiles using premium law enforcement bullets. The 9 expands and it penetrates windshield, car doors, and flesh and bone. Don't ask how i know, but I know. Placement, as always, is the key. Focus and single-minded purpose gets placement. Kel-Tec has always given me the very best service. They have sent me replacement parts free of charge. I have only had to replace a mag release,due to a sharp edge on an after market magazine. I have S&W's, Glocks, Para's, yada,yada,yada, but this little P-11 always seems to be riding with me more than all the rest. It is also one of the most accurate sidearms that I've ever shot, though i do have a Dan Wesson 357 that will do a mite better.
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    I take my Ruger LCP everywhere. Except to the range. It is one nasty little gun to shoot.
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