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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by CraftyMofo, May 20, 2009.

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    I do not need an online guide to deal with you.
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    Thanks for the input. I don't know what his real story is. He has been absent from this forum for almost 3 years. I read all his thread starters and follow ups on them. He can be funny, and I feel that might have endeared himself with some senior members. Personally I can do without his irrelevant input to serious discussion. I sent him a personnal private message. I have made my position perfectly clear to him, if that is possible. I will not rant, or further verbally joust with him on this forum. I hope I have not offended anyone else. Quite frankly, I care not in the least what Galactus thinks, says, or does. End of story!seesaw
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    Galactus is a highly respected member of the Cosmic Order of Planet Eaters, currently on track to achieve the exalted rank of Black Hole Consumer. Currently, he is authorized consumption of only Red Giant and smaller solar systems, and then only those made up of (whatever that German script that Clyde used.)

    That said, I can tell you this: Rise to the bait and he'll (she'll?) carry on like a herd of ticks in your socks.


    Now it might be a good idea if we go back on topic (you too, Galactus.) There is a valid discussion on the table about handgun selection for Crafty's lady.
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    I will add my money on the Bersa line. I used to have the Bersa Thunder .380 and had around 2k rounds through it with 0 malfunctions, then I let my Mrs shoot it and now SHE has a Thunder .380. Its a clone of the Walther PPKS that sells around $200 and beats the Walther in almost every head to head trial. Easy to conceal, uber reliable and acurate and with hydroshocks it has plenty of power and penetration based on my tests in shooting pigs with it. It has a capacity of 7+1 so if capacity is a significant factor for you that would be the 1 draw back.

    I also have the Thunder 9 ultra compact in 9mm. I probably have closer to 3k rounds through it and the only malfunction from it was operator error (shooting it and the .380 and stuck a .380 round in it to see if it would function but stove piped), aside from that zero malfunctions from it also. Its a little larger and has a 13+1 capacity and other than my Bond Arms .45/.410 is the main thing I carry now. I have to say that it actualy outshoots my Beretta 92 FS for accuracy and is just as reliable. IIRC I paid about $350 for it NIB a couple years ago.

    If you can find a Bersa let her handle it and if she likes the feel dont be fooled by the price tag, its a top shelf quality gun when it comes to preformance. Also I know a lot of folks shy away from the .380 for more power but in live flesh (tested it on pigs I slaughtered) the .380 hydroshock penetrated the skull and continued through the brain then about 8-10" of meat before it stopped fully in tact and fully expanded. I figure thats enouph to show me that even if it hits a bone it should pass through and exit a human chest cavity or head with no problems and any power after that is just added liability.

    I also
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    Would he be related to davidmabus by any chance??[dunno]
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    No. [taser1]
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    There have been several good suggestions here. I would agree with any of the Kahr pistols, or an XD. The revolver idea proposed by QuietOne is also excellent. If she's not going to carry it, get her a GOOD revolver with a 6" barrel, and call it a day :)
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    Bersa Thunder .380
    this is what my wife carries and has for about 12 years now .
    But any of the others that have been mentioned here are just as good.

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