Needed: "stupid" magnet remover!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dragonfly, Oct 27, 2011.

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    It seems that I am in a DESPERATE NEED of an idiot/moron/loser magnet remover!
    Apparently I have some sort of magnetic force field on or about me that draws the WORST people to me!
    Anyone that has read my posts about that GLORIOUS place I refer to as: "up north", will know this for a FACT!
    Have ya ever seen anything like it before in your life?
    It's weird! For some strange reason I seem to "collect" the really ignorant and dumbest people....Now I am NOT saying I am by any means that I am any better or even have a higher education than they do. I have worked with people of all walks of life, that have so many degrees that their offices look like they are wall papered with degrees, diplomas, certificates and the likes... Those people I excuse for being OVER-educated to the point they have lost all common sense and ability to reason out the simplest of things. They can whip my rear end when it comes to math, in a heartbeat!
    Geologists, scientists, engineers all, and they are smart, but man, are they dumb! Book smarts! I have no qualms with them, in fact I feel sorry for those that have spent all that time and money to be dumbed down to where they have to ask how to assemble a pressure cooker, or even how a bumper jack works! That's NOT the ones I have an issue with...
    OH No, it's so much worse than that!
    I really started to take note ( If you will) from some of the responses I got here, on some of the latest updates I've written regarding the people "up north". Now that is not JUST one isolated out of the way bunch of individuals out in the desert...OH NO! I have other "affiliations" that are just as bad ( not drug types,...well not since the 60's anyway!) that have fried their brains into so much sawdust. I was shocked actually when I tried to ask the person questions ( I should have known better!) shame on me! It was appalling...that's the BEST I can say about it. This one individual I have know for at least 15-16 years now.
    He has worked at many machine shops and I thought he KNEW what he was doing ( Yeah I gave him the benefit of the doubt),but he was fired from the shop I worked in 3 times and I should have caught on. He's NOT a bad guy, but he seems to have had some rather bad issues with the amount of drugs he did in the past. He's all but a vegetable, today.
    Then late this evening I get a call ...
    ( Bet you didn't see that coming did ya?)....
    It is pretty common anymore....
    BUT this one has me walking funny!
    It's like being kicked by a MULE!
    You see tomorrow the "fomer caretaker" ( didn't see that one either did ya?) will be meeting with local sheriff's detectives regarding the latest of many incidents "up north".
    HOWEVER, he is a bit concerned.....
    NOW he tells me. He may have an outstanding warrant for his arrest out there, from Chicago!
    Oh joy! All I can do is take a deep breath and ask, Ok now what?
    It seems he was into drugs and was caught stealing some copper wire in the city...NOT just any old wire, but from under the streets! He says it wasn't HIS fault! ( is it ever? I have NEVER met a guy that did time, that was guilty!) some idiot ( he calls the OTHER guy) he was "working with" did it! They cut the main powerlines to some city in the middle of the night and were caught...Seems there was a bit of turmoil involved as it shut down some communications, as well as a few hospitals etc. ( NOW personally I ain't buying it!) I have been around live cables that carry from 15.6 Kv and more, I don't go near them. Cutting them for the copper? Seen that happen here and the guy was charcoal in a few seconds.
    But be that as it may be, it's HIS story after all! He managed to convince the Judge that he had a drug problem and was in a bad way, out of his head and needed a "fix". They let him off with a years probation, as long as he attended a drug rehab program. He (supposedly now).... departed as soon as he was released from court. He never called or ever met the PO officer! So he is more thn likely going to be picked up and held for extradition IF they check on him.
    Yeah, well what else can go wrong?
    ( I knew beter than to ask that one, my bad!)
    I'll have to load up my van with food, clothes ( it's COLD up there) gas, propane, and anything else I may need. OR, the alternative is all my equipment and supplies will be "forfeit" to the morons up there!
    Now he could be OR'd, (released on his own recognizance) or he could be jailed or GOD only knows what can happen! I can't take it anymore!
    STOOOOPID people! Why me? Is this yet another TEST of my strength? I'm here to tell ya I am about peter'd out at this point! Mentally exhausted over this idiocy and the morons that seem to be drawn to me like white on rice!
    So, back the the main question: How does one lose the magnetic draw or what ever it is? It can't be KARMA, because I don't deserve this crap!
    I've been good! No, Really I have! Honestly!
    I mean, have I lied to you? ( recently?) ( did ya ever catch me? NO? then I didn't!) LOL!
    Got to keep a sense of humor or it really does get you down!
    So, IF I don't hear from the upperpart of the desert by 2 pm tomorrow, I have to take off....Not sure how though. Van is out of gas, and I have the electrical system in pieces, the dash is in the rear area....No money until the 3rd...Yeah, it's funny how this all seems to happen at the MOST inopportune times! ( like it's all PLANNED to be that way!)
    .....I'm going to my room now, and have myself a good cry!
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    You need to come up with the a litmus test for people that want to associate with you.
    1. What is your name.
    Failure to answer that properly should be a good clue for you to just take the test away and tell them to go home.

    I would draw up the rest of the questions based on the many posts you made here about "Teh Stoopid" people and the things they've done.

    It should, at the very least, filter out the most idiotic of the bunch and leave you with people that have some basic common sense. :)
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    believe it or not it could be worse.....

    OMG Dragonfly, You definately do need to be demagnetized. Most of us would be too embarassed to throw our woes out there for all to see, but you seem to be totally unabashed about it. I must say it gives me another perspective for looking at things when I am having a bad day, week, month, or whatever. I only have to look at one or a few of your posts and almost immediately I am somewhat cheered up. Not that I wish you misfortune or heartache, but looking at your trials and tribulations makes my minor hiccups seem trivial indeed. It's all about perspectives. Look on the bright side. You are not Mohmar Gaddafi ...... he sorta had a real bad month. .... just saying.
    PS; best wishes and good luck as you move forward.
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    What the problem is, I can't figure out just exactly when it was that I LOST CONTROL! Here at 60 I'm expected to babysit people in their 50's!
    IF it were not that I have so much invested and vested in not only land, but the vehicle, and my 2 small trailers up there...I'd BAIL!
    I considered OFFERING the whole thing to the Air Force as a BOMBING RANGE!
    I mean the WHOLE area...ACRES and ACRES!
    A real target rich environment!
    I love the smell of Napalm and White Phosphorus in the morning! ( not!!!)
    Maybe a test range for a MOAB?
    Makes a nice area for a lake!
    Cool weather and all, the trout would do well!
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    Sounds to me like what you really need is a good shotgun and a bad attitude. [coo]
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