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Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by monkeyman, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. monkeyman

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    As some already know I have been planning to try to start the police accademy in Jan and now Im trying to firm everything up on the financial end as well as supplies. I know I will be able to get the tuition and such handled and looking like will be able to do the liveing expenses even if I have to get a student loan. So now Im working on my school supplies. As a soon to be student though I will need to go as low cost as possible.

    I need a duty holster (with retention strap) for a Berreta 92 FS and the hard part is it really kind of needs to be left handed though I can shoot right handed if I had to. I make custom leather holsters for IWB and pocket carry and if anyone has a duty holster they would be willing to trade for a concealed holster I would be up for it or if you have one you would sell cheap. I just dont have the tools for snaps and not that great at makeing open carry holsters since not used to it.

    I also need a good source for cheap (REQUIRED to be FACTORY) ammo for my 9mm (I need a minimum of 1200 rounds just for class)and also 12 ga 00 buck (ned about 100 rounds IIRC).

    If anyone has a left handed duty holster laying around or a good source for cheap bulk 9mm please let me know. Thanks.
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    I don't have anything, I just wanted to say congrats on the career change and wish you luck. We need more good cops.
  3. monkeyman

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    Thanks. I figure IF I can get on with our local sherifs dept or find a comperable department I will likely use the degree to get on if possible, other than that a buddy has said he can put in a good word for me if I have my POST certs to get on as security at the base which starts at $20/hr. We are truely blessed here though with an outstanding sherifs department in which I have only encountered 1 individual who isnt a true peace officer of the highest claibur and would love to be a part of a department like that, particularly if the 1 went away (disliked even by fellow officers and had a couple suspensions for attitude). The not so fine officers is actualy the main reason the move didnt happen about 12 years ago.
  4. Mountainman

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    Went to an army/navy surplus store today and they had used holsters, said they were for a Beretta, for $10. If you have one in your area give them a call, you might get lucky and even get a lefty one.
  5. monkeyman

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    Well the only mil surplus store in the area closed up last year. So now the closest I know of is about 80-100 miles away. They might have left handed but would figure would be nearly all right. I found a snap kit cheap though and went ahead and made a holster. I figure I will most likely still find a scrap strip of metal to bend to the apropriate shape and sew a pocket on the back to hold the holster ridged but it hangs at about the right height and angle and has 1 retention strap already. Will probably add a second retention strap as well if I can figure out how to get it to catch the trigger guard with the release where the middle finger would hit it with a normal draw grip like the thumd dose for the release on it now.

    Looks like the main thing will be finding the cheapest source for the ammo that the source has a reputation for reliability and filling orders in a timely fashion.
  6. Gnarly

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    Congrats! on the career change, and best of luck!
    Ammo sources I've used & trust:

    AmmunitionToGo had 12 ga Federal LE 00 buck ( my favorite!) + the reduced-recoil stuff awhile back for $16.95/ 25 rds. IIRC.Cheapest I'd ever seen it.

    Grafs & Sons still had a $4.50 shipping charge,regardless of how much stuff you ordered last time I ordered there.

    Hope that helps.

  7. monkeyman

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    Thanks. I will have to check them out. Im hopeing to be able to place an order in the next week or so. One thing though, how are they on timely delivery? Im comeing into a time where I cant do the 6-8 weeks for delivery since they have range practice start the first week of classes.
  8. Gnarly

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    Graf's & Sons are in Mexico,MO. I live in KY. I get stuff from them in 3-4 days max.
    AbleAmmo & AmmunitionToGo has it here in less than a week.

    Also worth checking: (one week max)and (3-4 days max).

    I've personally had great results from all these outfits;call 'em first if you have a deadline to beat.And all of 'em have super customer service,IMHO.

    ----Gnarly [troll]
  9. monkeyman

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    Cool, thanks. I have been checking prices already on and but both have beenout of stock a lot of the time since been home and also the VERY cheapest I have found for the 1k rounds of 9mm is $185. So hoped to find something a bit cheaper if its out there. Also may look a bit closer at those outside of MO so can avoid sales tax.
  10. TNZ71


    What type of belt are you gonna hang that holster on. Ranger or Over Type with keepers?
  11. monkeyman

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    For the moment it will most likely be the leather belt that holds up my jeans just because its what I have. I may see what I can find cheap depending on how things go in the way of an actual gunbelt later on. I like the idea of the ones that velcro the inner and outer belts together but dont know much one way or the other on them since havent needed/used a dedicated gun belt before.
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