Needs and Wants

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    we all have 6 pack abs some are hidden behind a layer of a lot of tacos :D
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    [QUOTE="Hanzo, post: [​IMG][/QUOTE]
    Don't you know you can have both?
    Purchase the right vehicle and you can have ABS.
    Find a good Mexican Joint and you can have Tacos.
    Life may be simpler than you think.
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    Turns out that due to the miracle of plastic surgery and surgeons who will do anything for a buck you can have your cake and eat tacos, too, and still have a great six pack
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    Don't need to, but want to meet my cousin on my wife's side. Found out we have a lunch scheduled. Oh, cousin is a NY runway model! (y)
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    Big enough for a 787 to land?
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    A private jet may be cooler, but I think the tall thin pretty lady may be better to look at.
  8. arleigh

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    Wanting something with out the resources to possess it, is foolish.
    I have never wanted new fancy cars , their up keep is outrageous .
    Having been married and the reputation of most all those that have also been married, prove it to be an overwhelming burden as well .
    I would like a lot of things, but not knowing the future I have learned to wait for a number of reasons.
    Manufacturers use the public for their R&D , so a lot of the new stuff is not the final product . you are the lab rat. this is especially true with modern drugs, even guns and ammo .
    So I wait and let every one else be the Guiana pig .
    There are things I want that are not made yet, so I either find something close and modify it, or make it my self .
    The way I figure it , any thing that had been made in the last 100 years, I should be able to make my self . I know that's stretching it but the idea is 1, the information is out there. 2. many of the materials are available . 3 the need though not precisely the same as it's original intention, still exists . As an example automotive temperature change paint . I know/use a second purpose for the paint's capability that has not been marketed .
    Most times people are too narrow minded in their product function, and if it fails the target market, and they let it die .
    I applaud those that have taken the AR lower and used it for other things .
    I have in the past hastily invested in things, and later been provided something for free of similar value and function. If I just wait.

    Need is a debatable subject ,seeing that perceived need is usually very different than actual need .
    I need a 45/70 to complete my collection .
    I need a 45/70 to take out this group of polar bear attacking our village .
    I need food for my family so I shop at costco . weekly shopping . the immediate future. next weeks sale might save me some money.
    I need food for my family , so I shop at costco , shopping for the long term storage. speculated uncertain future . The dollar is continually dropping in value ,having the spare in hand is a savings in it's self.
    Perspectives are all real ,but valued differently by either side .
    Liberal has the need to identify with their friends not having any real facts, just feelings . an identity crisis .
    The conservative tend to be the real independent thinkers and most disagree with one another on many subjects not afraid to stand alone.
    What made America great was our self sufficiency and democracy/republic . and we had the resources to be the worlds policeman and make a stand against communism . Liberals have 0 understanding of the work and cost of building this power in the world ,
    and are determined to reduce it to a third world country ,subservient to the communist agenda . Their perception of what the world needs is a fantasy the communist teach, not how they actually operate .
    Perception of need
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  9. DKR

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    A couple of years back, I came home to find my wife holding...

    a box. In the box was a doll. A Thumbelina doll in.fact.

    So, me being a man, asked if the doll for for one of our (then) very young granddaughters.

    "No", she said,"this is for me." Very quietly.

    "Oh." What could I say?

    She continued, "I wanted one as a little girl. Couldn't afford one back then, so..." There was a very long pause. "I saw this in the store and got it." She sat and looked at the doll for over an hour. Then, the doll, box and all when into her cedar chest. Been there ever since.

    She bought this at age 50+ (a man should never tell....) - she waited for her kids to leave the house, the house get paid off and so on - then she bought her doll.

    I have no idea what goes on inside of most peoples heads, but, that she was willing to wait so long.....well, it is amazing to me anyway.

    One of the marks of an adult is the ability to understand the difference between want and need - it is also the self-discipline to wait for a 'want'....

    I married much better than I deserve.
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    [worthless] :D
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    I always tell people that wealth is not determined by how much you have, but by how little you need.
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  12. arleigh

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    I could just vegetate and die , but I need challenge, and that challenge is to create.
    The most fun is a challenge that I am vaguely familiar with and have a use for ,even in a limited fashion. I devote a lot of study and drawings and revisions and even a little R&D to refine the project at hand and it's worth it most times..
    I learn volumes with these projects ,and when I am finished I move onto something else.
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    Agreed, got a 5 ton DAV truck to repair the PCB (Power Control Box) on tomorrow.
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    I am in that same boat... This spring, I decided to upgrade my Network, that I built 30 years ago, from a simple Layer 1 Network, to a Mixed Layer 2 Switched & Layer 3 Routed Network... This required replacing 10 Layer 1 10/100 Switches, with 10 Layer 2 Gigabit Switches, that are connected with multiple Aggrigated Links to increase Bandwidth on different portions of the Network Backbone... It has been a long process of Learning, then testing on my Dining Room Test Bed... then Installing, configuring and watching, how it preforms under Real World Conditions... I am still learning, testing, configuring, and tweeking the network, and it has been a much needed intelectual challenge for me... Next is to intigrate the Layer 3 Routing from the Netwrk Backbone to the three different ISP feeds that are available to my Network... and deal with Load Balancing, and Bandwidth Control on a Per User Basis...Just thinking about this makes my head hurt...
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    Had a nice lunch today! Sorry @SB21, I took no pictures. But use your imagination. She is tall and lean and originally from Beijing.
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