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    I think it is time to start considering purchase of a personal drone or model airplane. The sole purpose would be to develop an anti-drone vehicle and develop counter measures to the neighborhood spies, peeping tom's as well as the encroachment of big brother on my back yard.
    Why a drone can hover over your home, and you can’t stop it - Yahoo! News
    In a SHTF scenario a small drone would be very useful for local surviellance of your area to detect threats. In movement to your alternate areas of refuge- IE bug out or whatever term you use- the mini drone would be a great tool for route recon.


    I know we have discussed the drone programs in the past in many threads with killing US civilians by the government the most recent. I would like to specifically discuss counter measures- as many creative Monkey's are most likely working on ideas at this time. What kind of methods, tools and contraptions could you fit onto a drone or model plane or perhaps ground based that could meet the endeavor of keeping the skies above clear?
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    Here are some of the methods found in Mali operations specific to anti-drone procedures- maybe some starting points or nuggets of info. Some are just funny but others are valid methods to keep in mind for opsec and operational movement tactics. We have been shooting at them for a bit so they have learned a thing or two to stay alive- for now. I know this does not address my anti-drone question for the thread using drones against other drones but usefull intel regardless:

    al-Qaeda Counter-Drone Tactics Found in Mali | SOFREP

    1. Buy the Russian-made “Sky Grabber” for the low low price of $2,595 that is able to infiltrate the Drone’s internal frequencies.
    2. Use another device that broadcasts frequencies on many wave lengths in order to block the signal on which the Drone operates on.
    3. Spread the reflective pieces of glass on the roof of a car or building.
    4. Place skilled snipers to take out the low-flying reconnaissance drones.
    5. Jamming of and confusing of electronic communication using the ordinary water-lifting dynamo fitted with a 30-meter copper pole.
    6. Confusing the Americans by continuously running (24-hours) radio or other electro-magnetic equipment to attract/confuse the Americans to that specific location.
    7. Using good trade-craft in order to confuse the enemy and not having a permanent headquarters location.
    8. Having a well placed early warning system (people hiding in the area) to discover drone activity and to tell all forces to halt activity.
    9. To stay hidden from sight – especially at night.
    10. Hide under thick trees to avoid the drone’s cameras.
    11. Hide in the shadows of buildings or trees – unlit areas.
    12. Maintain complete radio silence on all wireless contacts.
    13. When being chased or during combat – disembark and keep your distance from all vehicles.
    14. Deceive drones by entering buildings that have multiple exits/entrances.
    15. Use underground shelters/bunkers as the usual drone missiles are anti-personnel rather than anti-building.
    16. Avoid gathering in open areas, but if you need to – make sure there are multiple exits.
    Breaking Rule 16 like it’s their job
    17. Form anti-spy groups to track down other spies or agents. (counter-surveillance)
    18. Create fake gatherings using dolls/statues to confuse the enemy.
    19. If driving in a vehicle and you are being chased by a drone – all the occupants must exit the vehicle and run away in opposite directions as the drone can only follow one.
    20. Use natural barricades like forests or caves when you need to train or gather.
    21. If you are in an area that is frequently assaulted by drones – burn tires consistently to obstruct the drones.
    22. For all senior leaders: do not use voice communication (radio/phone) as you are being tracked specifically by these means.

    Read more:
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    Some ideas and starting points- an older article but good info.
    DERANGED: How to down a drone…

    Build your own RF Jammer:

    “If you want to saturate the bandwidth, you use an analog device with simple FM modulation. Eight 2.4Ghz wireless video transmitters of sufficient power would do it.”​


    The Hicam Microdrones navigate using standard GPS, which is particularly sensitive to jamming. There are a number of portable GPS jammers on the market or for a few quid you can build your own…​

    Signal Hacking

    US authorities were alarmed when they discovered that the Taliban have been using Russian authored Sky Grabber software to intercept drone video signals:

    “SkyGrabber is a hobby for person who accepting free to air satellite data by digital satellite TV tuner card from satellite provider. SkyGrabber is for fun.”

    Offline satellite internet downloader,satellite internet connection manager and watch satellite tv - all for PC

    U.S. Drones Hacked via SkyGrabber

    An important aspect of intercepting drone signals will be to use the footage against the police or is support of legal defence.

    Other Anti-Drone ideas – please add your own!:

    Focussed microwave beam

    A standard domestic microwave could be focussed using a parabolic dish to direct the beam on a single source capable of destroying and disrupting circuity in cameras and motors. Downside is, mistakes could be dangerous or fatal…

    Antidrone drones

    Equip a common-or-garden toy RC helicopter with an attachable line that locks to a target drone. Once attached, pull the police drone down by hand…
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    some slight mods, or just ram the 50# RC jet through the 1# helo drone.
  5. VisuTrac

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    have your own interceptor?
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  6. Witch Doctor 01

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    Provide attractive distractions for drone pilots



    and while they are distracted... either shoot them down or leave the AO
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    Drop trou and show it my furry backside....should tramatize the operator sufficiently to keep them away. [kissit]
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    In the Army, every combat unit has had its own drone for many years now. Did I ever see one deployed in combat? Nope, waste of time. Nobody wanted to be responsible for losing one, and I wouldn't sign it out of my name until somebody else signed theirs.

    As far as I see it, this may very well be a long process. Don't expect to see drones all over the place, that just isn't a reality.

    As for personal drones, remember you will also have to maintain the equipment and provide a source of energy for it. In the realm of the "bug out", unless you've got a convoy going, there's no real advantage outweighing the burden associated with remote eyes in the sky. The civilian models of drones are not quiet like advertised, those with enough power to actually be useful are noisy, thus giving away any perceived advantage. If you think you're gonna take out a UAV like a Predator or Reaper with an RC helicopter, keep dreaming...but I like the way you think.

    Jamming would be the closest and best method I can imagine. Even this is in need of application adjustments. I do believe UAV's have a programmed response to auto-RTB if GPS communications be lost. It may save your can temporarily, but more will surely follow.
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    I agree that you are not going to be able to take one down with out a lot more trouble following. I think the more immidiate concern would be the civilian models that would be the local threat. Once you have the big boy's (Reaper) looking for you, there is going to be serious heat with a ground presence at some point as well.
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    Folks have to remember Predators, and Reapers operate at Angels 20 (20K ft) and above, as this is where they get the best Loiter Time, with Fuel on board. They are controlled using Direct SAT Based Comm Links, which now are Encrypted, as are the GPS Feeds, and have RTB Internal Firmware, if they lose the Control Link. Unless you happen to have 20mm AntiAircraft Gun, or Stinger Missile, in your Weapons Locker, there are just out of your ability to deal with. Now these local "whirlybirds" are certainly vulnerable to Ground Fire, as well as Spoofing the Control Links, using various Methods. They, by Regulation, can NOT be operated above 400 Ft AGL. Any In-between Drone, MUST be Piloted by a Commercial Pilot, and have OnBoard FAA Comms, and Operational Radar Transponder, which means they are Trackable, and Identifiable, with the correct technology. SO, I have a Mossberg 12 Ga Super Goose Gun, with some nice #4 High Base Magnum Shot-shells for the little guys, and for the In-Between Guys, our local Bush Pilots would know if any of these were floating around in my Airspace. Word would get out, and they are REQUIRED to announce their presence, in the airspace, just like the 737s do when they descend below Angels 10, (10K Ft AGL) on approach to the JNU. (Juneau International) .....
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    What is even better is, when a high flying UAV is in the air over US Airspace. Based on current FAA regulation, There is a chase plane involved too because the UAV's currently can not comply with the See and Avoid rules that govern our civil airspace.

    So, if there's a high flying drone there will be a chase plane within 1 NM range and +/- 3000 ft elevation of said drone.

    If it's under 4.4 pounds must be within line of sight of the operator.


    I love the FAA
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    If they ever catch the guy who is flying the Drone around NYC, he is Toast.....
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    Yep, NYC has 2 Class B Airspace Zones.
    No Drones allowed there.
    It would be great if it were the DHS or FEMA. I'd love to see a cage match between them and the FAA.
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    Even if it was a Military Drone, there are RULES, in place... And this one was NOT following the Rules...
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    rules and laws are only for the lawful.
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    A cb radio/ham base unit.
    A 10,000watt or better linear amplifier.
    Heavy coax.
    A directional beam antenna.
    This all combines to make a jammer/emp device.

    My Uncle had a setup like this in his '69 suburban.
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  18. Yard Dart

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    Drone can 'snatch' object on the flyPhiladelphia (UPI) Mar 14, 2013 - Drones may soon go from being eyes in the sky to "look and grab" vehicles using robotic arms to snag objects from the ground on the fly, U.S. researchers say.
    Inspired by the way a bald eagle can swoop down and grab a fish from the water with its claws, robotics scientist at the University of Pennsylvania have developed a fast-acting, talon-like gripping arm for a small unmanned aerial vehicles.
    Studying the birds' technique, the researchers have copied a trick that allows the bird more time to fasten on to its prey; the eagles sweep their legs and claws backwards as their talons close on a fish, eliminating the need to slow down.
    Penn state researcher Justin Thomas and his colleagues have attached a three-fingered claw to a 4-inch motorized leg below the drone's center of mass, allowing it to snatch a stationary object as it flies by.
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