neil Howe the fourth turning (in1997)

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    (n) :censored:

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    Gen X - survivalists. [woot]

    I've gotta get this book.
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    goatman .... :(
    sorry man
    If i could send a beta tape I would, you know your my dawg..
    synopisis:1997 these guys published a book "the fourth turning"where they examined the generations and major events in history. they predicted 2007 to late2020's would be atime of "turmoiland upheavel"( not too specific but otherwise I think they may. be on to something.)And each age like this helps us get rid of the crap and pushes us forward through the doorway into something better. Great,I'll be late 60's if I live that long .
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    Nothing ever changes...but still, there are changes. -Enigma
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    I change weekly...:)
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    "History doesn't repeat itself, it rhymes." Mark Twain
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    Good link, check out america under country studies. It pretty much spells it out. Unraveling eras last ~20-22 year. And the current unravelling era is at that time length now. So I'd expect crisis anytime in the next 4 years.
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    Holy crap, Batman! Where do you dig this stuff up? About 28 minutes into the program, Mr Howe states that the party in power during the beginning of crisis historically is abandoned. WHOOT WHOOT!!

    Everything that is old will be new again...

    Or how I like to say, same shit different X (X- add: time, place, pile, etc.)

    Almost forgot to add, Mr Howe warns of commercial slogans turned into ideas. A good example could just possibly be Pres Obama saying "Just do it" to pass the stimulus bill. Just like Mr Howe states, don't look for the easy explination of what's going to happen. It may be a depression, war, or such, but it sure won't be the same as last time.
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